Splatoon 2 - Pearl and Marina amiibo 2-pack due out July 13th, 2018

I don't buy too many amiibo, but you can bet I'm getting this duo. I'll have to make some more room on my amiibo shelf. I wonder if there's another duo I can put into storage...

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For some reason I thought this was coming this month with the started edition.

Also, what's going on with July? Octopath on the 10th and two more games on the 13th, plus these amiibo

The Switch is on FIIIIE-YAAAA!!!! That's what's up with July!

Ick, so I HAVE to get Pearl to get Marina, huh? Oh well. Guess I can always resell her.

I will never understand h9w I hated Pearls design when I first saw her. She's great now.

For me personally she just looks too much like a little brat

oh she also doesn't have the same pattern around the eyes. lol , i'm dumb, it did take me a few dozen hours to first notice the difference

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