Nicalis teasing Cave Story's Quote for another Switch game

The Quote animation linked in today's Tweet was shared back in Aug. of 2017, but for whatever reason, Nicalis has shared it again today with the new blurb about a Switch game. Looks like some sort of fighting title, but your guess is as good as mine.

Thanks to Holmes for the heads up!

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Probably Brawlout. I don’t know much about the game, like whether it gets DLC, but that seems like a safe bet.

Doesn't look like the current Smash Bros graphics style... but I guess we haven't properly seen what this new (?) one will look like.

I feel like Sakurai wouldn't want it teased in this way.

I mean Nicalis is making afighting game call blade strangers.
All the characters there are made as 3D models and then converted to 2D frame by frame

That was my first thought too, but this doesn't seem to match the art style of Blade Strangers... I'm more inclined to say Brawlout.

Sun Mar 11 18 10:17pm
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Maybe it's Smash. I mean it would make zero sense as to why a random game character from a random indie game with no relevance to Nintendo at all would be Smash, but maybe it's Smash.

Wouldn't surprise me if it was Brawlout

Seeing a lot of Brawlout guesses, and honestly though I didn't think of it at first, I can definitely see that.

There is also a possible chance there is a different type of "battle" at this cross-over too. Not every battle is a fighting game.

Quote never looks right in 3D...

Right? I'm not sure what it is, but he just doesn't translate well into 3D. I was incredibly put off by the 3D version of Cave Story on 3DS because both Quote and Curly Brace just looked... eh...

If not Brawlout, then Runner3.

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