Atari Flashback Classics coming to Switch

Atari Flashback Classics is a series of compilations featuring old-school Atari games. There have been multiple volumes released thus far, and now Atari has confirmed that they're bringing the franchise to Switch. We don't know what installments are coming to the platform just yet, but they should include multiple games, online leaderboards, and more. Thanks to AwesomeplatterFan for the heads up!

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I want more companies to do a compilation like this, the ones I want the most that I am sure will never happen are for Nintendo to release the NES and SNES classics as collections for the Switch.

These games were known for having some of the most challenging trophies on the entire PS4/XB1 platform, so I really do hope they find some way to add those challenges to the Switch version of the game, as they were some of the most creative and challenging trophy requirements I've seen in a while.

Is the emulation decent on these?

I have the PS4 versions and the emulation is spot on and includes various different control options, such as emulating trackball movement with the touch pad.

Sounds great.
Definitely getting these.

Yay! I wanted to get these compilations for Xbox One but I was bothered by them being separated into volume 1 and 2. Hope they are all on one cart.


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