Super Mario Cereal, without amiibo, now available on store shelves

Looks like the version of Super Mario Cereal with the built-in amiibo has finished its run. The good news is, you can still get the cereal itself in this variant box, which should be available at multiple retailers right now!

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Does this mean they plan to keep it on the market for quite some time? If so that's awesome, Nintendo doing things like these appeals to a lot of people and I know children definitely tend to go towards familiar faces on foods. I may just buy a box to keep as a collector's item.

And... as a collector's item, Do you keep the cereal in the box or just the box?

If he's like me, keep it in the box. I still have an unopened advent calendar from who knows when

fred duck
Tue Mar 13 18 08:50am
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I have an unopened chocolate rabbit from 200X but that's because I forgot about it. ~_~;

I hope this means Nintendo is dropping those awful useless plastic things entirely, or at least the bloody irritating NFC chips. I would celebrate with cake.

Cereal in the box. I bought two of the original amiibo ones so I could try some and one to keep. I figure it's probably fine to keep the cereal in there because it's in the plastic bag (which is surprisingly thick) so I can really keep it as a perfect unopened collector's item.

Come on Nintendo Australia.

America breakfast ?! YUCKY!

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