Dataminers find potential evidence of incoming Switch SoC update in latest firmware

I'm not even going to pretend like I know what I'm talking about. This info was given an excellent breakdown by Epicmartin7_ on Reddit. It all pertains to info gleaned from datamining the latest Switch firmware update.

- added in the update was a title with the ID 0100000000000824
- this has the name "Mariko" and contains information about the new SoC "T214"
- Mariko seems like a codename
- however "SoC" means "System on a Chip", or processor
- "T214" most likely stands for "Tegra 214"
- currently the Switch uses a Tegra 210

All this could be pointing to a SoC revision, but it could be just to patch the bootrom exploit that was discovered awhile back. The thing is, Nintendo is almost guaranteed to not discuss any of this with the public, so we'll have to keep up with the dataminers to find out where this goes.

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Tue Mar 13 18 11:52am
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A new soc will result in improved performance and battery life unless Nintendo intends to lower the clocks on the new soc to match the performance of the older soc and put in a smaller battery. Interesting.

Not necessarily. The 3DS and Wii definitely had SoC revisions with no change to the performance or battery life.

That’s true, but the only other soc from Nvidia that is available is the Tegra X2, which will be more powerful. Tho Nintendo may work on a custom design with Nvidia.

The model number T214, in comparison to the standard X1 model number T210 indicates that it's most likely a minor revision meant to plug the security bugs.
While there could be other minor improvements like reduced power consumption, it's likely performance won't be altered at all.

Mariko Kart confirmed!


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