Pensioners, STAND BY! Coffin Dodgers Out Today on Nintendo Switch

South Wales, UK, 13th March 2018 - Wales Interactive are proud to release the darkly comedic kart racer, Coffin Dodgers, today on Nintendo Switch! Players can download the ludicrously fun splitscreen multiplayer kart racer for £9.99 / $12.99 on the Nintendo eShop today at 4pm GMT / 9am PST.

Join Milky Tea Studios on /r/NintendoSwitch for the developer AMA today at 4pm GMT / 9am PST!

Coffin Dodgers sees you take on the role of saving one of seven quirky retirement village residents, each racing for their soul in "pimped up" mobility scooters against none other than the Grim Reaper himself. Our old heroes are armed with a variety of homemade weapons and gadgets to take on anything the Grim Reaper and his Zombie army may throw at them. Can you survive the retirement village?

Players must battle it out against The Grim Reaper and other competitors over a 13 race Championship, where only the most skilled racer will survive. There are 4 distinct areas within the Sunny Pines Retirement Community, each featuring it's own mini tournament in which your rank against other competitors will ensure you progress to the next stage; however finish bottom of the pile and the Reaper gets to take your soul. The final race takes place over each of the 4 areas in a straight shoot out between you and the Grim Reaper.

As the game progresses the game environment becomes more and more apocalyptic as Grim's shadow slowly engulfs Sunny Pines. Look out for Grim's retinue of fiendish friends as they try and halt your progress.

Collect XP throughout the Single Player Story Mode to gain Coins to spend in your very own Garage. Here you can upgrade your engine parts, paint jobs and even your weapons to get an edge over your competitors. Choose your mods carefully to suite your driving style! Once you’ve built the mean machine that’s right for you, head over to the Local Multiplayer Race Mode (2-4 players) where you can battle it out with your friends on the big screen.


- Race & battle the Grim Reaper and his army of zombies
- Local multiplayer versus race mode (2-4 players)
- Customise and modify your mobility scooter
- Player to player combat & rag doll physics
- 13 unique race tracks
- Single player Story and Time Trail modes at 60fps

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