Pokemon Center Tokyo DX's hologram-style Pokedex is too damn cool

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX has all kinds of cool stuff, but one of the most interesting installations might be their hologram-like Pokedex. I mean, just look at that thing! If you weren't jealous of everyone who got to visit this Pokemon Center before, you definitely are now!

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I wonder how many more years before holograms become commonplace.

And I mean "real" holograms, not fancy effects on a screen like shown here.

BLADE_MASTER it can't be done. It would require at least some kind of density, like raining water, to project the hologram. And we all know we cant have water splashing everywhere..

The only way, that I can see, is through AR. Everybody would have to wear goggles in order to see the hologram. And it would only exist when seen from either glasses, or the screen of your phone. I thought about this a lot. And I talked to a lot of people about it. That is the way it's gonna come about,

It's impossible to create a hologram out of thin air. It needs something to be projected on. So Augmented Reality, is probably the way it will come about. If it does happen. Hope this post was helpful..peace

One day* we will have tractor beams fine enough to do it. :3

* - A very very far off day.

With our current technology and understanding it's not possible. But really, never say never. We've proven time and time again that things previously conceived as impossible are made possible in due time

dany targaryen
Thu Mar 22 18 09:47am
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NURIO good point. But it's gonna take a big step forward in science to make it happen. It would require some atomic knowledge we don't currently have. To project images out of thin air. Something would have to be discovered about thin air that we don't currently know.

And it's been decades since we last discovered anything relevant about these things.

Indeed. Definitely don't expect it any time soon. Possibly not even in our lifetimes. But I wouldn't put it past human inventiveness to come up the technology eventually

Yes. But I think it's gonna happen sooner, by just using AR. It could work with a set of semi-trasparent glasses, or maybe even contact lenses.

You just wear them, and you're able to see the holograms. That coupled with 3D cameras, and you'll be able to see and interact with the holograms using your fingers.

In that way it is totally doable, and I think it could come very soon actually. We're already half way through having the technology. All it takes for it to work, is putting it all together.

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