Victor Vran: Motörhead Collector's Edition preorders open

Grab yourself a piece of Motörhead history and feast on this exclusive Collector's Edition. This is a limited run so be part of an exclusive club and get yours today.

This exclusive Collector's Edition contains the following:

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition on SWITCH, including Motörhead: Through the Ages – which had the full support and involvement of Lemmy. With over 13 tracks, reworked music stems, never before seen artwork including Lemmy’s Doodles – this is a homage to the great man, and the music and lore of Motörhead
A specially commissioned Motörhead Metal Box complete with Snaggletooth embossing
An exclusive, high quality Motörhead: Through the Ages T-Shirt
A limited run Motörhead: Through the Ages Badge collection – including 5 unique badges
A unique Motörhead: Through the Ages Patch
A set of 4 Motörhead photos
A personal photo sent by Lloyd Kaufman of Lemmy and Lloyd hanging out
And finally, a Making of Victor Vran Overkill Edition DVD with interviews from the developers, Lloyd Kaufman and Phil Campbell and lots of exclusive footage and shorts

Grab yours here (thanks SwitchEffect!)

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Now let us all have a beer for our lord and savior, Lemmy Smile

I did not even know of this but sure have to get it. Hope the game is good too Smile

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