Fire Emblem Warriors - Awakening DLC pack will be released next week

The official Japanese website for Fire Emblem Warriors has been updated. Famitsu said the Awakening pack would release today, but sadly didn't come to pass. It has now been confirmed that it will released next week.

Together with the downloadable content, version 1.5.0 will be released. This will allow you to use the video capture feature and much more!

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the butt has never been more apparent

Wow usually art for this game is nice, what happened there ?

Fire Emblem is one thirsty series

booty seems a bit small tbqh.
idk, something's off about this one here, doesnt quite resemble Olivia at all, at least in this promo pic. Owain and Tharja seem fine.

I think it's her eyes and face, as this artwork is heavily based off her official Awakening artwork. It's a pretty close rendition in 3D (from 2D), but I find the eyes to be a bit off and the face to be slightly different.
Her butt on the other hand, looks the same, a typical tight and slim Japanese butt.

Definitely the face though.

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