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Kickstarter project claims to have Nintendo's permission to recreate Super Mario World prototype levels

by rawmeatcowboy
28 March 2018
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The version of Super Mario World that saw release to the public is a timeless masterpiece, but there were definitely some elements that changed in the lead up to that release. Every game has prototype stages and design elements that don't make the cut. Wouldn't it be fun to play some of that content that never saw the light of day? That's what one Kickstarter project is aiming to do.

A dev team in Italy, which claims to have permission from Nintendo of America, is looking to raise money to help recreate those prototype stages and release them in playable form. I highly doubt Nintendo has given this their seal of approval, and expect the Kickstarter to be shut down rather soon. Until then, hit up the link below to check out some more details. You know...before it disappears!

Kickstarter here