Dragon Quest XI's 3DS version not seeing localization, Switch version coming to NA/EU sometime after 2018

Earlier today, Square-Enix confirmed that Dragon Quest XI was coming stateside on Sept. 4th, 2018. There's some bad news for Nintendo fans though. The 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI isn't getting localized, and the Switch version won't see release this year.

"Our aim with Dragon Quest XI and the Dragon Quest brand is to grow the audience in the West. From a business point of view, it made strategic sense to release the 3DS version in Japan in 2017. For the West in 2018, it made the most sense to focus on the PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) platforms.

We are also developing the Switch version for Europe and North America, but development is expected to take a long time from a technological standpoint as well, so we still have a long way to go until its release".

Square-Enix went on to say that the Switch version will definitely not be released in 2018, and could end up launching "much later".

Thanks to Dakhil for the heads up.


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Wed Mar 28 18 03:07pm
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Not translating the 3DS version is an incredibly dick move, to be perfectly honest.

Wed Mar 28 18 03:07pm
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Not translating the 3DS version is an incredibly dick move, to be perfectly honest.

Well, they wouldn't release any of the previous ones unless Nintendo footed the bill, and I suppose they want to focus on the Switch now.

Wed Mar 28 18 03:23pm
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They don't want to focus on the Switch, they absolutely don't give a damn about it.

Come on, it was the 1st Switch game to be announced and we didn't see anything about it while many Western developers port their games very easily.
And instead of focusing on the Switch version to release it at the same time than PS4 in the West they decided to develop a Steam version.

Square-Enix doesn't like us, they see us as garbage. I know it's hard but that's the truth, they're barely better than Capcom.
At least Sega is really trying with Valkyria 4 and Shining Resonance!

I meant that Nintendo don't want to localize DQXI on the 3DS because they want to focus on Switch games instead, not Square Enix.

Oh maybe, it's indeed very possible.

Wed Mar 28 18 04:08pm
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Yeah, Square don't seem to care about DQ in the west on Nintendo platforms. Every game since the DS has been translated and published by Nintendo, so if they won't do it we won't get it.

I loved DQ games on DS/3DS so I'm quite angry because Nintendo created a fanbase in Europe for Dragon Quest, Square-Enix just gave us the little finger...

DQ never had any audience on PC so why would they prioritize it over a Switch version which has many of the 3DS DQ fans?


Actually, Nintendo's the publisher of Dragon Quest Builders on the Nintendo Switch, not Square Enix.


Thu Mar 29 18 04:29am
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You're overreacting, it's not like they cancelled the switch version and it'll most likely
be the definitive one.
The only truly dumb move was not localizing the 3DS version.

The "much later" is definitely not a good omen, let's be realistic!

Why "much later" instead of "later"? There is a clear emphasis on the much here, it basically means "don't expect it anytime soon".

They just sent the Switch version to die, people will lose interest and those having a PS4/powerful PC will take this version instead of a Swith version that could never come.
It could even be code for "We're gonna cancel but we will never tell you and at somem oment you'll be tired of waiting".

What they did is horrible! A slap in the face of Switch owners, not even giving them the possibility to enjoy the 3DS version instead...And having a Steam version that wasn't even announced really, really piss me off given the Switch version was announced 3 years ago!

Thu Mar 29 18 10:11am
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Most people in Japan only got one version, so the potential market for the Switch version is
very large, specially with people that only bought it on 3DS.

It's actually still on the most wanted famitsu list, even though it's been a year and a half since the original releases.

And like I said, it's likely the Switch version is not just a port anymore, so there will still be reasons to double dip.

As for the steam version, I think upsetting most of the DQ fanbase in the west and abusing their goodwill while releasing a steam version at the same time, on a time when Denuvo is completely useless, will definitely hurt their potential PS4 version sales.

Square-Enix USA are not the brightest bulb on the porch.

Wed Mar 28 18 03:13pm
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I'm hoping the Switch version has the classic look to it as an option.

I wanted the 3DS version, I'm really dissapointed. And the Switch version coming much later is not helping at all.

The 3DS would easily sell more than the PS4 and Steam versions combined...

I find funny how these companies, after all these years, still act like amateurs (including Nintendo). To be honest, companies in other business also have no idea of WTF they are doing, so... I guess that's just human nature (and the influence of shitty investors).

I don't think the 3ds version would sell more in the West.

Ouch that stings. I thought it was going to be the 3ds swan song and had been looking forward to it.

I wanted the 3ds version, really disappointed (and i own a ps4 and switch). the oldschool 2d version seems like the best version and for the reviews that I read the 2d version was really great. square enix really drop the ball. I'll wait for the switch version to see if they put the 2d version in this version but I don't think square is smart enough to do this...

Thanks for screwing us over, squenix.

The article states that it is a technical reason that it will take longer. It can't be the lack of power, as there is a 3DS version. Many a company has said that porting games to Switch is a relatively painless process. It's unlikely that they would tell us what the real reason is.

Wed Mar 28 18 06:25pm
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The 3DS and PS4 versions were developed by separate teams.

The PS4 version was made in Unreal 4, whereas the 3DS version was either made using some other middleware or just original code (not entirely clear on this). The usage of Unreal 4 makes a PC port easy.

But Switch? Even though Unreal 4 natively supports it, there's still going to be a matter of optimization needed, due to the console not having as much power available as the PS4. Or they may decide to NOT use Unreal 4 for the Switch reason because of the overhead from the engine. Maybe they're adding additional features to the Switch version (like the 16-bit mode and such that were on the 3DS version). Who knows. I'm sure there's a good reason for the Switch port to be coming much later.

Not THAT much. I get the feeling it take that much time because they want to include parts of the 3DS games (the 2D vision mode) to the Switch version...

Should have not been a surprise at all. 3DS is near dead and kinda deserves to die at this point. and thus the only version that's out at the moment that they could have brought over was the PS4 version. Since DQXI doesn't even have a Switch release window in Japan, it makes sense why they wouldn't bring it over to the west on that platform this year if it's not even out in the homeland. I just hope the Switch version has enough bonus features to make the late port worth it.

Wed Mar 28 18 06:08pm
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With the PS4 version already translated for the West it would be easy for the Switch to get a global release...so the fact it's not even avaialble in Japan doesn't even matter...

Square-Enix just decided to give up on the Switch version and developed a Steam version instead...From what they say the Switch version doesn't seem advanced at all, they made fun of us since 2016!

It's not a case of copying and pasting a script though, especially if there's extra content to be added for the Switch version. There's still the matter of QA testing and a whole lot of other things rather than making a simple port like the Steam Version is. It's a no brainer to go for the Steam market due to how successful that is for some of SE's other titles like FFXV and World of Final Fantasy, and the PS4 is thriving well here, plus it's completed, while the Switch version is not.

And no, they didn't give up on it, nor are they making fun of you by actually focusing on the more important versions that were in development longer than the Switch port was. The only thing missing is the 3DS version which launched besides the PS4 one last year, and that's because the system is as good as dead over here and there's little point in wasting time on that system for such a huge game. When Japan gets DQXI for switch, our version will be soon to follow. There's also DQ Builders 2 and TWEWY slated for this year on the Switch so SE is still working hard on the switch despite it being fairly new.

Wed Mar 28 18 06:09pm
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and yet more first party 3ds games are coming out this year. Nintendo finally learned from its mistakes, DO NOT KILL a platform with a large audience because you think people will just buy your latest crap. I for one am not one of them and I STILL buy 3DS games.

Just because smaller side projects and localizations are coming doesn't mean they'll be focusing on ultra huge titles anymore, it will be stupid for them to do so, and SE knows it. Unlike Atlus, they don't really have to do it for the sake of bringing the game over at all, so why bother wasting time on a version with different art assets when you could focus on the better one that can also be marketed a lot more in the west? Switch port is still coming for the west and I just hope it has exclusive content to not make it a generic, dull late port like South Park and Okami HD are.

Nintendo should clean up 3DS, Wii U (and older systems), keep them easilly accessible for players and spacious for new creations from all parties. They should definitely stop closing of and devalue their own platforms for reasons to sell us yet another machine.

This means they’re not porting the ps4 version directly, which means they’re making a whole new version for the Switch!

Wed Mar 28 18 07:36pm
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This move reeks of Sony's money behind the scenes.

Agreed. Monster Hunter World all over again....

This is one the craziest conspiracy theories I've ever read. The obvious reason the 3DS version is skipping the west, is because the 3DS is dying and it would be pointless to translate two entirely separate versions of the same game .(instead of one that's on both systems equally.) The Switch port was always planned to come later even in Japan's case, so acting as if Sony's this big looming shadow ruining everything for Nintendo owners is just dumb.

Wed Mar 28 18 10:23pm
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I expect a fan translation is in the works.

It's good to see that the relationship between Nintendo and Square hasn't changed at all in the last few years.

The only way not localizing the 3DS version makes sense, is that
the 3DS-exclusive content will be on the Switch version.
It's also the only way a release almost 2 years later in Japan makes sense.
The Switch version will definitely not be just a port of the PS4 one.
That's why it wouldn't make sense to release it at the same time in the west either.

Thu Mar 29 18 04:32am
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Square-Enix shot their feet with this move though.
I would've bought all the versions with the hype, but not localizing the 3DS version
and denying the huge amount of 3DS-exclusive content to the large majority of the western
DQ fanbase that is on the 3DS kills all the hype and goodwill I had for it.
Definitely just waiting for the Switch version now.

Thu Mar 29 18 04:50am
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I can't wrap my head around this laziness. Just translate the game, I'm sure this game has many potential players now and in the future. Could it be they are aiming for immortality in the same manner as Mother 3 happened to active it?

I swear these guys have the worst management ever. How does that make any sort of sense to be the first ever third party game announced for the Switch, right after the anouncement of the console, to release in 2019 in the end.

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