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Sadly, I don't have much hope for Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers doing well in the states or Europe. I think he game will go largely ignored. Just too much time has passed since the first outing, and clearly, a lot of people have moved on from the 3DS. Don't worry, Dillon...I'll be there!

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Dillon was a game that I was interested for a long time, but never managed to buy. Maybe it's time to finally play it.

Wed Mar 28 18 07:53pm
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I for one love the Dillon series, and will definitely be getting this one too. Fair warning though; the game is much better if you play in short bursts, like maybe one or two levels at a time. Otherwise it starts feeling repetitive.

Is it worth to play the first and second games or can I skip one of the two?

Well, if you're speaking from a story standpoint, you could probably skip the first one and go right to the second if you wanted... the story to begin with is fairly basic, and there are only a handful of callbacks to the original game.

Gameplay wise, again, you might be able to skip the first... the second plays just like it, only it adds a whole bunch of new elements on top of what the original started.

Of course, I can't tell you how either relate to the third game... so if there's something in that one linking it to the previous two, you might miss something.

I'd say it's worth playing both... but then again, I really liked both... I can't say what you will think of them.

Thu Mar 29 18 03:50am
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To piggy back off of what JD said, the second game covers everything the first one did, and adds a bunch more. My heart loves 1 more, but 2 is the logical choice. Unless you're planning to stick with 3DS for a few more years, jump into 2 straight away.

And just a heads up if you don't know, the game is played with a combination of the touch screen and circle pad. I forget if there's a left-handed option......

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