Famitsu figures show the Switch hitting 4 million sold in Japan

According to Famitsu sales estimates, the Switch has just hit another milestone. After 56 weeks on the market, the Switch has sold 4 million units in Japan alone. Just to put things in perspective, the Wii managed to hit 4 million sold in Japan in 54 weeks. If the Switch can keep this pace up, perhaps those analysts who projected Wii-like install bases weren't so far off!

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Thu Mar 29 18 06:37am
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3 in 100 residents of Japan own a Switch. Interestingly, it is quite close to π, with the percentage of people owning one coming in at 3.1496%. There's your not-very-interesting math thing for today.

Thu Mar 29 18 09:11am
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Your math checks out. Nice work!

On topic: Switch was ahead of Wii and everyone else for a brief moment in terms of pace. Looks to have slowed down post holiday. It is honestly already my favorite console ever, so hopefully the sales stay high so we can have many years of support.

The concept of the Switch is one that won't get old, and while they primarily show young adults in their advertisements, the number of ways it can be played mean that anyone can buy and enjoy it. That is what should keep the sales going, along with great games with new ideas and third party support.

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