Kickstarter - Brawl in the Family creator making "Too Bad. Waluigi Time," a new comic series about Waluigi

This twisted take on that beloved blighter Waluigi began with my gaming parody webcomic, Brawl in the Family. Waluigi occasionally "took over" the web page, supplying his own bizarre comics and japes for a brief time (usually on April Fools Day). Although BitF ended in 2014, Waluigi apparently lives on, having now created an entire book dedicated to his tomfoolery.

Make no mistake either--"TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME" isn't a compilation of past comics, but a hardcover tome full of new content. We're talking 200 brand, spanking new strips, plus the original set of 50 (or so) Waluigi comics from the BitF days for context.

Kickstarter here (thanks Travis!)

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Sat Mar 31 18 01:19pm
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From a legal stand point, can he do this since he doesn't actually own Waluigi? Even if it's a parody, it doesn't make this exempt - look at Garfield Without Garfield, it still had to be approved by Jim Davis.

It is addressed in the FAQ, but still not totally convinced...

Is this cool from a legal standpoint?
Rest assured we've looked into this a lot! "TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME" is not in violation of copyright law; it is a work of parody and does not claim to be affiliated with Nintendo in any way.

Sat Mar 31 18 02:36pm
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I think because it doesn't aim to replace anything Nintendo does and since his Waluigi is very different from Nintendo's Waluigi from a design perspective, art style and charaterization, it's so far removed that it actually does qualify as parody.
It's also all original art and such, with nothing actually stripped from Nintendo. Unlike Garfield Without Garfield, which I think are the original comic strips but with Garfield taken out, if I recall correctly

Yep, exactly, that's like Weird Al Yankovic. All his songs are parodies, so technically, he wouldn't have to ask permission (but he's a cool guy and ask anyway).

Ahaha, I had even written a paragraph about Weird Al Yankovic, but I deleted it in the end, because it wasn't necessary for my point. But yep, I thought of Weird Al as well when I wrote that

It's not that Garfield Minus Garfield "had to be approved by Jim Davis" but that Jim Davis approving it sidestepped any potential legal questions the book might have arisen.

From a legal standpoint, it certainly does appear that Waluigi Time is totally fine and legal -- but even so, Nintendo is also fully in their legal right to challenge it in court.

The sad state of copyright law is that even if you have the right to make something, that right means absolutely nothing until you're capable of defending yourself in court. Nintendo always has the right to threaten legal action on something that uses their IP, and regardless of how a court would side, they automatically win if the defendant can't afford to go to court.

To be fair, that's true of everything law related.

That's my favorite instance of the "Beam Me Up Scotty" trope. :3

Woah, haven't seen BitF for quite a while since it stopped. Happy to see (at least some part of it) return!

Sound like April Fool Day

But notice when the kickstarter started....March 31st...no one would do an April Fool's joke on March 31st.....wouldnt even make sense, and isnt really much of an April Fool's joke, just someone being a jerk.


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