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Let's talk about Nintendo, Ready Player One, weird game names, how we put on socks, and a whole bunch of other random stuff! Sounds like a typical GoNintendo Podcast episode to me!

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aurora unit
Sun Apr 01 18 10:55am
Rating: 4

Actually, someone with skin cancer might very well say "I hate the sun" with good reason. Just because a statement may sound moronic to you doesn't mean it could not have been made for a valid or at least understandable reason. And the same goes for criticism of movies and books.

It should be said that RMC's actual review of the film was "it's a movie".. but I had to take some liberties.

As someone who rarely watches films, I quite enjoyed watching RP1. However, I doubt I would have enjoyed it as much if I weren't watching with friends.

Sun Apr 01 18 08:57am
(Updated 15 times)

I've lost all respect for you, RMC and crew--and anyone else slating and hating on this movie!

There are far too many people jumping on the "social" media bandwagon and claiming this film is bad when it simply is not--not even close. What a load of total and utter tosh. If people weren't so obsessed with being part of the crowd they'd see this move for the rollicking sci-fi entertainment ride that it is, with a bunch of great set-pieces, a few amazing actions sequences, a little bit of heart, and more amazingly cool Easter eggs and references than literally any film in history.

I wonder if you'd like it a lot more if it had a bunch more obvious Nintendo references and Easter eggs peppered throughout it....

Look, I frikin' loved the book, it's my favourite book of all time, and even though the film isn't as good as the book, it is still a good-great film in its own right. For the people that have read the book and hate the film: Hating it just because it's different to the book is basically naive and ignorant imo. It stands on its own.

If this film had been released in the '90s it would have been absolutely celebrated for what it is, but because it's 2018 and everyone is trying to pretend they're somehow more intellectual and sophisticated than they actually are, they can't just enjoy something that's actually pure innocent fun anymore. It has to have some deep meaning or political angle or SWJ narrative or some utter crap like that.

The book was also totally celebrated and loved when it first came out, but now everyone is saying it's crap just because some twits online said so recently, and now everyone has to be a frikin' sheep. It's so sad and pathetic--this shows just how easily public opinion can be swayed by "social" media into complete b******t--and it's not people having authentic opinions at all as far as I'm concerned.

This movie is great. It's not Spielberg's best film but it's still one of most entertaining sci-fi action films in ages--and arguably one of the best VR/gamer-type films ever made (we should be celebrating that)--with some of the most epic and entertaining cg sequences in generations. And my bro, who hasn't read the book and went into the film totally blind, said it is the best movie he's seen in years. That's a true unbiased and unswayed opinion from someone with no preconceptions or expectations.

People these days just bug me with their snobbish and sheepish attitudes!

PS. I have zero clue what the hell you're talking about in terms of the amount/time of action scenes and stuff dragging. Probably half of the movie was made up of those THREE MAJOR action scenes--three, not two--and a few smaller but still entertaining ones too, at least, and the stuff outside of that moved pretty rapidly with almost no filler whatsoever. What the hell movie did you watch? I've watched it three times now and it felt just as easy to go through with no slow sections the third time around as it did the first--that is extremely rare for me, which is testament to how faced paced and bloat-free everything is. I have no clue what version of Ready Player One you were watching or indeed what you are smoking--honestly.

Sun Apr 01 18 09:38am
Rating: 2 (Updated 3 times)

I've lost all respect for you, RMC and crew--and anyone else slating and hating on this movie!

Great mentality - someone doesn’t like something you do, so you have no respect for them.

On the topic, I read the book years ago and was very much underwhelmed by it. Without the overdosing on pop culture references there is no substance to the story. It completely over compensates on pop culture references and is composed like a glorified fanfic. As a result have little to no interest in the movie adaptation.

Btw - I don’t have any social media so I have no idea about any bandwagoning.

Sun Apr 01 18 10:11am
(Updated 6 times)

Anyone who has read the book and claims it has no substance has some kind of issue with reading and interpreting what's on the page imo. There is plenty of substance there, you just have to have a tiny bit of intelligence and observation skill to pick it up: Be it the idea of loving someone beyond just the surface/physical level, or a society where things have become so bad that most people would do anything to escape it (and providing a very plausible near-future interpretation of what such a society might look like), or even the whole idea of the corporations slowly enslaving all of mankind in the name of profit and greed, and some brave people trying to find any way they can to fight such oppression and the insidious mass loss of our basic freedoms and liberties. And it's about loving something so deeply and profoundly that it becomes a major part of your life, both as a child and adult, and permeates and influences every facet of it. There's also the whole idea of returning to our childhoods and making life more about play and having fun again, hence the whole hunt is a series of little games and challenges that take the participants on an adventure where they can discover and experience all these cool things in the one place where basically anything you can imagine is possible. Lastly, the whole thing is structured and plays out like a classic "heroes journey", which is about as familiar and satisfying and core to writing a good and universally appealing adventure story as it gets.

And, it's not about me having no respect for them for simply hating the movie; it's about me not buying their reasoning, there's just a lot of misguided and incorrect stuff being thrown around (like stating there's only two actions scenes that amount to around 20 mins of the total running time), and believing there's a lot of brainwashed crap behind it more than genuinely thoughtful critical review of the movie, its content, and its execution.

Sun Apr 01 18 10:14am
Rating: 2 (Updated 2 times)

I’ll enjoy what I enjoy and you can do the same without insulting my intelligence thank you very much.

I’ve no problem with anyone who enjoys something I didn’t. You however seem to take aggressive offence.

Sun Apr 01 18 10:17am
(Updated 4 times)

I take offense to the types of minds making such claims in the way they are making them in this instance. It's like hearing some moron just turn around and say "I hate the sun!" Well, that's there absolute God-given right, but it's still utterly moronic with no basis other than idiocy--"opinion" and "taste" becomes utterly meaningless in totally absurd situations like this--and I''m just saying so.

Claiming this movie is crap is basically bordering on sheer ignorance of what constitutes a good or bad movie as far as I'm concerned, and it is the equivalent of a moron just saying "I hate this movie!" imo.

And that's basically what most people on the Internet are like these days, sadly.

Sun Apr 01 18 10:26am
(Updated 1 time)

That’s a silly comparison since denouncing the sun is factually wrong. Not something subjective like an opinion obout a movie.

You seem to having an overreaction to people who don’t share the same opinion as you - ironic since you called people “sheep” but you seem to want them all to share your opinion.

Your reaction seems very similar to the reactions of some to The Last Jedi - which for the record I like - but also saw reactions online calling people who didn’t like the movie as “moronic”.

Go watch the movie again and be happy.

Sun Apr 01 18 10:34am
(Updated 6 times)

The person isn't denouncing the sun in my example; they're simply stating "I hate the sun" as if it's anything other than a completely moronic statement with no basis other than making a moronic statement--even though that's absolutely their free right to do--and I'm simply standing up and pointing out how moronic such a statement would be and is. I see people stating "this film is terrible" (or something to that effect, "it stinks") in relation to Ready Player One similarly--I can't fathom what they've been smoking to come to such a patently junk and misguided conclusion.

Sun Apr 01 18 10:52am
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

I agree stating “this film is terrible“ would be better if expanded upon, but simply stating “this film is great” is equally as uninformative but the positive is always given a free pass and never lambasted to provide more reasoning as to “why”.
Would you blindly accept my opinion if I simply said RP1 was “a great film/book” or would you demand I explain my “moronic” statement?
I’m guessing you wouldn’t look for more explanation since the moronic statement fit with your existing narrative.

Anywho - as I said I didn’t enjoy the book and have given adequet explanation and that is reason enjoy for me not to spend the money and time watching the movie. If you can’t accept that then that’s your issue.

Enjoy your day.

Sun Apr 01 18 10:58am
(Updated 1 time)

Wait--you've not even seen the movie?

I would expect any "professional" reviewer or person in such a privileged position as RMC, where he has literally millions of people listening to and just blindly accepting what he has to say as valid (often without forming a proper opinion of their own based on and kind of direct experience or research), to actually provide some worthwhile and accurate information and details to support such blunt claims of "excellent" or "rubbish" or whatever--yes. I don't expect the average punter spraffing online to provide similarly--but I'll still challenge them when I think they are just spewing out moronic junk for the sake of being heard and feeling important and little more.

Clearly you haven’t even been reading my comments since I stated I haven’t seen the movie in my first comment. And since the first comment you’ve made on this thread is evident that you’re closed off to opposing opinions I’m going to leave it here now since you’re only interested in your echo chamber.

Sun Apr 01 18 11:06am
(Updated 3 times)

No, you never stated you haven't seen the movie; you said "As a result have little to no interest in the movie adaptation.", and that's how I read it: You're not interested in the movie, which doesn't necessarily mean you have or have not watched it yet, although I'll give you that it was most likely you hadn't watched it and I never paid much attention to that bit in your post. But, just for the sake of argument, I've watched a lot of movies I'm not interested in, both when I watched them and now years later. And I'd suggest you probably should watch it before jumping on the defense train--you might even like it!

aurora unit
Sun Apr 01 18 10:55am
Rating: 4

Actually, someone with skin cancer might very well say "I hate the sun" with good reason. Just because a statement may sound moronic to you doesn't mean it could not have been made for a valid or at least understandable reason. And the same goes for criticism of movies and books.

You are making yourself look worse with every post you make. Honestly, if you want people to give this movie a chance, stop making it look like the kind of thing people who act like you enjoy.

Sun Apr 01 18 12:06pm
(Updated 1 time)

People have already decided if they want to see this film or not based on what their fav journalists and the like have to say, I have little doubt, so I'm just pointing out the complete ignorance and misguided nature of some of the criticisms heaped on this film, like the latest example I mentioned below....

Anyone who knows what I'm talking about will know how stupid that complaint is. It's ridiculous--at I'm hearing a lot of complaints like that, which just make no good sense whatsoever and make me think the person(s) watching the film a very daft indeed.

Yeah, I can't *stand* the "you're not deep enough to appreciate the poignant meaning/brilliance" argument. So the theme of the book is escapism is fun? That's cool. Maybe you were smart enough to "get" it, but that just wasn't a theme that resonated with you very deeply. I mean, people read all kinds of books. I've heard people say that that book was a blast, rolicking fun, etc., but nobody told me that they flung down the book and wept at any point. It's okay to like or not like a book or a movie, but who the hell is going to be convinced they love a book they've already read by some guy yelling at them that they are stupid?

Sun Apr 01 18 12:14pm
(Updated 2 times)

I'm not trying to convince them it's good--I'm pointing out some of the points used to support claims that it's bad are just utterly absurd, such and the additional one I listed below....

Again, anyone who's read the book or watched the movie will know exactly what I mean. RMC making that comment about Aech's voice is basically absurd. How can someone not get why his voice is like that and how it totally makes sense in the context of what happens later in the story? It would be like complaining about Darth Vader's breathy and metallic voice or the killer in Scream having a weird low-pitched garbled voice.

Does anyone else in here know exactly what I'm talking about in this one regard and can maybe verify how stupid it is to complain about Aech's voice like that's the kind of reason(s) why the film is bad?

This is the kind of thing that people are picking out as stuff that justifies them disliking the movie! Surprised

Sun Apr 01 18 11:51am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Holy crap dude: edited fifteen times? People don't always like the same things. That's okay. How does it affect your enjoyment of something if someone else doesn't like it? It shouldn't. Don't yell at people for not being the same as you.

It's a long post; it took a bit of cleaning up.

It will take a LOT of cleaning up, of a kind you don't seem prepared to undertake. *So* much personal, entitled negativity. Your assumption that RMC doesn't have the right to feel differently than you about this movie, and that the solution to this "problem" is verbal harassment and uncontrolled hostility, is singularly disappointing and incredibly off-putting. Just take some deep breaths and watch the movie again if you like it.

My favorite band isn't everyone in the world's favorite band. Many people don't like my favorite books. It's okay. It's expected. I wouldn't try to "angry" at everyone in the hopes they would suddenly like them as much as me, and I would be horrified if everyone on Earth's primary goal was to harass me into liking their favorite things as much as they do. Show some respect for people. Particularly RMC, who seems like the nicest guy and doesn't deserve this attack.

Sun Apr 01 18 12:15pm
(Updated 3 times)

Again, see some of my other comments, like the one about RMC stating Aech's voice is bad because it's all low-pitched and stuff. His criticisms are literally absurd at times--and you, as presumably someone who's either read the book or watched the movie, should know exactly why it's so absurd.

I've literally only commented on your behavior on this article. I have no opinion of the movie as I haven't seen it yet. I plan on seeing it on UHD Blu-ray because it sounds fun and I want to see the effects. I've read a lot about it and though it is getting mixed reviews, I'm sure it will be entertaining enough to try. Several friends have raved about the book being entertaining. I do note these friends are all the kinds of people who read one book every five years. My comments here have been entirely about the inappropriate nature of your behavior in this comment section.

Great Podcast guys! Really enjoyed watching live and looking forward to listening to the audio to hear the bits I missed! ☺

Sun Apr 01 18 11:51am
(Updated 1 time)

RMC's criticisms are unrelated to my drawing. I had to not only think, how should Iillustrate Ready Player One but how to do it in a way tonely similar to the critic. RMC doesn't criticize the movie for the popular reasons one might, he just didn't like it. And people can not like things.

Sun Apr 01 18 11:53am
(Updated 1 time)

I replied to the wrong person so I moved the comment.

God, RMC, you guys are making some truly ignorant comments here regarding Ready Player One! Example: The complaint about Aech's voice being pitched down and digitized and stuff. The entire point is that Aech has to do that for the--major spoiler that I won't reveal here--in the film later on! How do you not get that? This sums up how wrong and misguided I personally think your interpretation of the entire movie is overall.

Again, this is inappropriate. If something rubs someone the wrong way, they won't like it. Not a big deal. Calling everyone "ignorant" after the childish hostility you've unleashed here for virtually no reason is increasingly grating.

Sun Apr 01 18 12:19pm
(Updated 8 times)

I literally do not give a hoot if it's "grating" to you. My point(s) is totally and utterly valid and I'm countering many of these absurd reasons in the podcast as to why this movie is supposedly bad.

Regarding the complaint about Aech's voice: I've already pointed out that this is the equivalent of someone complaining Darth Vader's voice is all breathy and robotic or the bad guy's voice in Scream is all garbled and digitized--it's idiotic right on the face of it.

RMC is making some truly absurd and ignorant claims about this movie, which he's then using as examples to back up why it's bad as he sees it--and I'm calling him out: There's more than two big actions scenes; the amount of VR content and big cg actions scenes and stuff in the movie is far, far more than 20 mins worth; Aech's voice is like that for a very specific reason, and it totally makes sense in the context of the movie and what happens later on; and so on....

If someone is going to assert something is bad, especially in the context of some media journalism and the like, then it really shouldn't be based on distorted opinion that is largely floating in absurd-land imo.

That's fine but you are wasting your time writing these long, repetitive comments and then editing them six to fifteen times. If you don't care what I think of you, imagine how we all feel about you. You keep calling RMC "absurd" and "ignorant" while acting in a manner that is the embodiment of those traits. I'm done, and I should have been done after reading your first comment. The only thing productive I've done in this thread is report you for calling RMC the "r-word." I'd have more profitably used my time by begging eggs to run for Senate.

Damn, such a heated argument about a movie..... From one person.

Hahahaha right?! Unbelievable.

Sun Apr 01 18 05:57pm
Rating: 1

Maybe it's some kind of next level April Fools day prank?

This is like RMC’s ”joke” video about the Smash shadows being Naruto and etc. Is was a video that some people got angry for, and I think that posting it today at Apri Fool’s Day wouldn’t have helped either.

Just be careful of what you say next time, RMC.
The internet is a bad neighbourhood

Anyone else notice issue 5 of Nintendo Power in Ready Player One?

Only half an hour again of April's fool's (here) and we can get back to normal...

Just putting this here: everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but how you deliver and defend them counts.

We do not allow blanket statements of disparagement against any person or group of people, so if you absolutely must express a negative opinion, be very careful not to directly insult, generalize, or otherwise disparage anyone, singular or plural.


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