Fan-Art: “Apocalypse Princess Peach” cosplay by Oh My Sophii

Well that's certainly a unique take on Princess Peach cosplay! This is “Apocalypse Princess Peach” cosplay by Oh My Sophii, and she's put together something pretty damn amazing. If you want to see more pics, check out the gallery here.

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bah! Tricked into clicking a Kotaku link.

Wed Apr 04 18 01:25am
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Peach wouldn't survive the apocalypse. Daisy, on the other hand...

I'm not gonna say that this wasn't hard work to put together. I'm also not gonna say that she didn't do a good job with it. I am gonna say that putting on a Peach-esque crown and throwing a mushroom onto the belt doesn't make you resemble Princess Peach. She could have used the Yorha emblem and a blindfold and called the costume "apocalypse 2B" instead.

"You must be fun at parties" and all that, yeah, yeah. I don't mean her any offense, or anyone involved if it was a group effort. As if I'm gonna click that link to find out. I'm just pointing out that this costume could have referenced anything, or nothing at all, based entirely on two or three small items. This is 95% bog-standard "Apocalypse" and 5% "Princess Peach" is all I'm trying to say. ... So of course Kotaku blogged about it. It's right up their alley.

If you wanted to resemble Princess Peach after having gone through an apocalypse I would suggest having remnants of her tattered dress over the jeans, having her fractured brooch as a makeshift necklace or imply that her weapon was crafted from her broken parasol. A lot of work probably went into this, just not much of that went towards the second half of the title. Still cool looking though.

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