Konami grabs the Goemon.com domain

I'm a huge fan of the Mystical Ninja series. It hasn't gotten much love at all in recent years, and I can't even remember the last time an entry in the franchise got localized. I always hold out hope for another installment making it stateside, and perhaps now that's not such a pipedream. After letting domain squatters hold the site for years, Konami has stepped in and purchased the Goemon.com domain. Right now it redirects to the official Japanese site for Goemon, but perhaps this is a small glimmer of hope for the character getting some love in the near future.

Thanks to Archaic Sage for the heads up!

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I'm guessing the more cynical among us are expecting a pachinko game to come from this. But feel free to surprise us, Konami.

A brand new domain, just for a dinky pachinko game?

Possible Goemon revival?! not sure if I should be happy or upset about this...since we are talking about current Konami and not past Konami.

My god. I hope the series returns.
Would love to see a remake of Goemon 64.

Fri Apr 06 18 04:06pm
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    Very interesting, I'll keep an eye on this.

    That said, Konami already has an official Goemon site (albeit dead since 2008.)


    Yeah, but the fact they bought it now probably means someone asked "Do we have the domain goemon.com?"...

    Judging to the fact Goemon.com now redirects to the old site I posted above, you're likely right. Someone was probably squatting the URL that KONAMI wanted, and this the first time they've been able to get it.

    Haha yeah, I was more hinting at WHY did that person ask that question? Maybe it was during a meeting about a potential new game? MAybe Nintendo did a deal like the Bomberman one? Or, someone did some cleaning in the paperworks and realized they didn't have that domain. Many possibilities. :O

    Why bother with this again?

    Interesting, I wonder how they'll fuck this up.


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