Yo-kai Watch 4 Announced For Switch

Recently we heard that Level-5 was planning all of their major titles for the Switch. There's no doubt that Yo-Kai Watch is a major franchise for the company, and in the most recent issue of Famitsu, Level-5 reveals that the 4th installment is coming to the Switch. It's set to release in Japan sometime during 2018, and will feature Touma Tsukinami, Natsume Amano, Keisuke Amano, Akinori Arihoshi, and others. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino commented that “its content is getting a super high-grade power up, including some things that will surprise everyone.”

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!


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Tue Apr 10 18 07:44am
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They are very welcome to port Ni no kuni 1-2 too.

Now, will there be Dark Yokai or not... I need the deets!

Tue Apr 10 18 07:44am
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They are very welcome to port Ni no kuni 1-2 too.

I want this so much.

Well, they said they ARE going to support the Switch big time from now on, and what a great way to do so.

Game Freak need to move the asses now

Why? Yokai has never managed to compete on the same level as Pokemons success. I remember seeing a quick headline here on GoNintendo stating even the company was disappointed in sales; though because I didnt read the article I dont know if they meant games, merchandise or even anime ratings.

Everytime I check out Japanese sales charts Pokemon Ultras and even the original S&M outsell Yokai 3 3 to 1 and 7 to 1 (respectively).

While you are right about sales, Yo-Kai Watch content wise is offering a lot more than X/Y and SUN/MOON, and that's a problem and if the rumors are true GF is going to give us the same "art style" for the third tim on the Switch

I'm very interested to see what they do with Yo-Kai Watch 4. I feel that this series could evolve faster than Pokemon since they have less to lose and may be more willing to take risks. I guess we will see if they play it safe or not.

I know it's technically third party but I feel like it would be a huge oversight if Yokai doesn't have a rep I the next Smash. Gotta give props to the crazy amount of success it has had.

The last game(s) from what I recalled didn't do as well and it seemed like people over there were starting to get fatigued. Let's see if the jump to Switch could get them back up.

Tue Apr 10 18 10:29pm
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They released the games way too close to each others. Pokemon have a nice rhythm. The first two YW games came only one year apart. The first one was very polished, but very light on content and had some big flaws that needed correcting, so the close release of the two second games wasn't that bad. But then, they announced and released a 3rd version THE SAME YEAR, then they released two spinoff games just after that, and another one again the next year. They completely ignored the pacing Pokemon had and tried to speedrun the release of the series. They saturated the market. The first one released in 2013. in 2016, there was 10 YW games (counting the two three versions game as 6... yes, they did the same thing as the 2nd "game" with the 3rd, releasing the 3rd version the same year...)

Also, the fact the first game had only one version was a good point, even more so considering the multi version games have even smaller differences than Pokemon games, as most of them are only exclusive recolor of the mascot, the cat spirit... and by recolor, I MEAN recolor. Proof in the spoiler:

Wow. That's quite a milking by Level 5. I only remember seeing the underwhelming sales of the last game but had no idea they released that many in a short amount of time. Those sales make sense now.

Huh... could have sworn there were actually MORE versions of Jibanyan out there... but yeah, if there's one thing Yokai Watch needs to stop, its producing needless recolors of the same characters over and over and over again...

The absolute worst is that they don't just do that for Jibanyan, they also do recolors for others... like the human-faced dog...

Wow, every single one of those looks terrible. That is not an appealing art style at all

The art style is not bad... I agree the design of this one is weak. Also, they really try to hard to force it as a mascot.

This game is supposed to be released this year in Japan. I think they are trying to get out there before Pokemon. We will probably see some of it at E3 if it is really going to come out this year in Japan.

And just to spite them, Pokemon will surprisingly release this year, one or two weeks before/after YW! :P
(I don't think it'll release this year, but that would be the ultimate burn)

Yeah that would be funny. I've been wondering what Level 5 plans to do with the rest of the Yo Kai Watch games because we still aren't caught up here. I take it the Busters spin off releases are not coming. And what about Yo Kai Watch 3? The 3ds has been sent to the retirement home so are we just not going to get 3?

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