Suda51 hopes to continue the No More Heroes franchise beyond a possible third mainline entry

We now know that Suda51 is hoping Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes attracts a wide range of consumers, which will enable him to make No More Heroes 3 a reality. The thing is, Suda51 wants more than just a third numbered entry. He shares his thoughts in an interview with Sidequesting...

SQ: It’s been a long time coming, but Travis is back. Are we in a revival? I know it’s far too early to really speak to that, but will we see more of Travis after this latest project?

S51: I’m totally with you on that. If TSA is successful, my goal is to make No More Heroes 3. I hope to go even further beyond this as well. Travis is such a part of me, that I want more people to experience him. He’ll go to even more new places, new game ideas.


I guess that all but confirms it. TSA is essentially a test game from the publisher. No No More Heroes 3 if the game flops.

Yes and a weirdly designed test at that. I mean, I'm not sure that they are testing what they think they are testing. I love the NMH games and would buy 3 day one but I'm iffy on this one since it seems so different gameplay wise and not in a way that is thrilling me. Just having the camera zoomed out alone changes the feel of the game in a very negative way for me. But I guess if they made the camera like NMH then people would expect it to be a full fledged NMH and if it is simplified that would hurt it a lot. So I guess by zooming the camera out like that they are trying to change expectations that this is definitely not a typical NMH game.

I wish they would announce the pricing of the game because I would cut it a lot more slack if it is a 20 - 30 dollar game. My impression is that it is a small, low budget spinoff and it should be priced accordingly.

But bless their hearts for making a new game instead of just releasing a port to test the waters for 3. Priced right, I will pick this up just to support the franchise.

Tue Apr 10 18 07:27pm
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Considering the last game was made like 8 years ago and wasn't that big of a seller in the first place, I could understand the hesitation of making a new, full-fledged NMH game in HD for the current systems. They do deserve a lot of credit for actually doing something new with the IP as oppose to re-releasing old games like some other companies or making a smartphone game. I'm confident the pricing of TSA will be somewhere in that 20 to 30 dollars range. $19.99 would be the sweet spot. I agree that anything higher would be pushing it especially if it's for a digital only release.

If it's $19.99 I would probably take back everything bad I ever said about my impressions of the game because my expectations for a game launching at that price are completely different than a more expensive game. It would certainly cause me to re-evaluate it from a different perspective.

Tue Apr 10 18 07:41pm
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It does take a while to hook players on new ideas, period.

Look how long it took Monster Hunter to get this big, let alone big to begin with.

Tue Apr 10 18 07:39pm
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He's got my support. I love the character. Bringing NMH 1 and 2 to Switch would definitely help give Travis more exposure though.

I do not expect this to be a budget game.

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