RUMOR - Universal Orlando getting Pokemon-themed area in 2020, Super Nintendo World moved to a new park, opening 2023

All of this information comes via a local news report from WFTV. Consider it rumor for now, but it's interesting nonetheless.

- Universal Orlando is opening a fourth theme park
- the new park will be Pokémon-themed
- this will be added to the KidZone section of Universal
- the Super Nintendo World rides will be moving across the street to the 400 acres Universal recently bought
- the Pokémon park is coming in 2020
- Super Nintendo World is opening in Orlando in 2023

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Cripes, by that time we'll probably be on the Nintendo 8.

I find it believable that they would hope to give the Nintendo Park a bigger space. A larger space would also give them room for future expansions. Perhaps a Steel Diver sub ride? I'm surprised by the time frame. Typically Universal works very fast, and I would imagine they would be frantic to open something new after Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens in 2019.

Didn't we recently see news that construction was happening on Super Nintendo World? A quick look at where they're building would possibly confirm some of this news.

My gosh.. They are so greedy and more tickets will increase and more expensive than ever. SICK SICK! NO MORE DISNEY!

It's not Disney. It's Universal. Completely different park and company. (Well, different company FOR NOW, because I don't doubt Disney will try to buy them... someday.)

Oops.. Either way... they are greedy and sucks!

I'm guessing the Marvel section is going to be replaced.

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