Dark Souls: Remastered and Solaire of Astora amiibo delayed to this summer

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Tue Apr 17 18 10:48am
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Even when Nintendo is the first to announce a big third-party game, they have to get screwed in the end.

Maybe they will use the extra time to meet the demand for amiibo!

Tue Apr 17 18 10:48am
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Even when Nintendo is the first to announce a big third-party game, they have to get screwed in the end.

Tue Apr 17 18 11:13am
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Look at the bright side, Nintendo won’t get as much screwed this time. Because it’ll be delayed, the gameplay and everything will get improved. I get your point and I agree but Nintendo will rise up.

Yeah because Nintendo never delays games multiple times....

Nintendo has nailed most of their release dates the past few years. Even ones like Xenoblade 2 where people said it was impossible.

Tue Apr 17 18 11:31am
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If Bandai Namco go by Nintendo's definition of Summer, it could see the game release right up to September or even into October.

Tue Apr 17 18 12:29pm
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And this sort of thing is why most companies refrained from announcing their switch ports as day and date projects last year. Not really a good sign for the switch version though if they're running into development troubles... At least they're being honest and tried to make it day and date instead of late porting it from the get go. Watch as people upset at the Rayman legends delay now call for the PS4/XB1 versions to be delayed until the Switch version even though a different studio is making them...

Man, I don't think any game delay will ever compare to the Rayman Legends debacle.

In Dark Soul's case, it's clearly an issue tied to the Switch (whether quality assurance or a failed lot check). But I can't, for the life of me, figure any reason outside of the company's self-interest why they delayed the game for Wii U owners.

The only game I feel should have been delayed for other systems to catch up worith the Nintendo version/vice versa was yooka laylee, mainly since they screwed over their Nintendo backers and didn't bother giving them detailed status updates over KS. Since they cancelled the Wii U version and announced the other ones on that day, you'd think a delay internally to June or August would work better...

Yeah but, the game didn't even come out on Switch until November.

Tue Apr 17 18 01:04pm
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A thumbs up from me for that. Because a delayed game what is finished or without bugs is always better than releasing an unfinished game or a game with bugs.

There are so many games out there, everyone can play a different game until the release!

I like it when a company have the guts to delay a game.

I hereby protect following paragraph line for GoNintendo to not be used by other gaming press outlets or blog:

Dark Souls for Switch is the Dark Souls of delays


Tue Apr 17 18 02:41pm
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Idk man something seems fishy about this. The game was recently playable at PAX a week ago and many people said it ran just find they even had playable Blightown and it was even running smoothly. The game was at 1080p docked 30 fps so unless they're trying to get it running at 60 fps which let's be honest should be able to do since it's an old 360/PS3 port I don't see why this was delayed and I have two theories:

1. Nintendo told Namco Bandai to hold off until the Nintendo Switch Online launches in September (still sucks we have to wait a year and a half into a consoles life for decent online) so they can use this game as one of it's big selling points along with Smash if it comes out in September. Maybe Nintendo was originally planning on launching Smash as the big game for the online but maybe development needs more time so they're using this instead who knows..

2. Or this may sound asinine but hear me out..maybe 3rd parties don't want to day/date releases of multi-platform titles with PS4/Xbone because they fear it will take away from PS4/Xbone sales because of the portability nature which believe it or not is swaying more and more people away from 1080p/4K resolution. They probably don't want to ruin their reputation with Sony (the recent Dragon Quest XI situation is very similar to this as well). So they release the Switch port late knowing either 1 of 2 things will happen, 1. People will wait on the Switch version or hell even double dip or 2. The Switch version comes out later and bombs but they use the "See Nintendo audiences don't want games" excuse to make them feel like delaying the game wasn't why the game didn't perform to expectations. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

The problems were maybe online performances

Tue Apr 17 18 03:30pm
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I can understand this specific case (kinda -- if I'm feeling generous). But when it comes to new development, if we don't see Switch supported from the very beginning of development I am going to have a problem. With new games they need to release the same day on all platforms. Switch isn't secondary. No excuses.

What you say is nigh impossible in this day and age, and very fanatic if you ask me. The switch is very, very different from the other consoles, from architecture to horsepower. There's no way that something made for x86 architecture will easily work the same on ARM. This is not just copy, paste and pray it works; it needs more optimization and time to port something to another cpu type. If the switch (or nx) was comparable to their counterparts, either by having the same cpu architecture and/or having comparable graphical power, then dev time would've been the same. Otherwise, expect the same problems we now see on the switch, just like what happened when porting from ps360 to wii/wii u.

It's not impossible at all. They already port the games to Switch, they just do it late. If they gave the Switch games the same priority as the other consoles from the start of new development it wouldn't be an issue. It is just about making it a priority instead of something you'll get to later on after the other versions are done. A lot of these games are made with Unreal Engine, which supports Switch. They aren't porting it from scratch.

Tue Apr 17 18 05:50pm
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Comment deleted.........

Your entire comment makes no sense as a response to my comments. It is not relevant. I clearly said I could cut them some slack on this, but that new games development going forward should include supporting Switch from the beginning so that it can release at the same time as other systems. Did you mean to reply to someone else? Or did you just forget what I said? I don't disagree with most (if not all) of what you state in your latest reply here but I never argued otherwise to start with...

No. I was talking to you. So, yeah, sorry if I was too blunt. Well. we have to hope that devs don't screw up when making future switch versions of their upcoming games.

It wasn't the bluntness I had a problem with.

The Nintendo Difference

Tue Apr 17 18 04:43pm
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That sucks.
I was very much looking forward to this and i still do, but I hope this does not mean we'll have to wait another four months.

I also agree with some that this AND Valkyria Chronicles being delayed out of nowhere screams Nintendo online service to me but I might be wrong about that.

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