Crazy Justice - Latest footage shows touchscreen support, updated UI, 23 different heroes and skills

Crazy Justice just keeps looking more and more impressive. This one can't come to Switch soon enough. I sure hope it's a blast to play!

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Lost interest after seeing them constantly say that their 30fps footage was 60fps (the video is in 60fps, we should be able to tell that it's running at 60fps, not obviously 30fps with motion blur). https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=m-0HYFs802o

Also, when someone pointed out their obvious Claptrap ripoff and was subsequently banned from their Facebook page, that just reeks of nastiness. They didn't even try to make a different looking companion, he's clearly a Claptrap ripoff. I don't even like Claptrap or the Borderlands series (which makes me hate this obvious ripoff even more).


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