Nintendo paid special attention to details in Nintendo Labo, all the way down to the virtual Joy-Cons

Leave it to Nintendo to go the extra mile and model the inside of the virtual Joy-Con, all for the people who manipulated the camera enough to get a look inside the device. Totally pointless, and absolutely awesome all at the same time.

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Mon Apr 23 18 03:04am
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Just ordered it today! Could be a while until it arrives, though, since I ordered it from Europe, where it comes out on the 27th. -.-

Mon Apr 23 18 03:29am
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Only Nintendo would do this

This is the kind of thing that made me love Smash Melee so much. I was so amazed at all the detail in the trophies, but ever since Brawl they've restricted the camera so you can't go into any models Sad

Ha! That actually is pretty cool, and great Little attention to detail.

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