dbrand's round of Switch skins are now available to purchase

dbrand swears up and down that their skins aren't going to damage your Switch in any way. I'm still to nervous to skin my Switch, as I don't want to risk it. That said, it really sounds like dbrand put in a lot of time and effort to ensure their skins are totally safe. If you're braver than I, hit up the link in their tweet and pick your custom skin!

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The grey zigzag and the purple are tempting...

These look so good! Looks just like joycon shells without the risk of taking them apart.

Dang, if I had a pair of grey JoyCons, I'd definitely go for some of these. But I'll keep them in mind if I want to deck out my extra dock.

I not interested in putting stuff on my systems. But are these just basically stickers? What could be the harm in putting a sticker on your joy-con?

It's been a while, so I may be remembering things incorrectly or forgetting small details, but when the Switch launched there was a company offering these skins/stickers and people quickly found that taking them back off peeled up the original paint on the Joy-Cons really badly and ruined the smooth surface. The company quickly recalled them and took them off the shelves. People have been wary of Switch skins ever since. I'm not sure if this is the same company or not, but if so I hope they've fixed whatever the problem was.

Oh, I didn't realize the Joy-cons had some sort of coating. I always just assumed it was solid colored plastic.

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