Sonic Mania sells over 1 million worldwide, Sonic Mania Plus heading to Japan

Wondering just how well Sonic Mania has done? In a recent Famitsu feature, SEGA confirmed that the digital title has sold over a million units worldwide. Furthermore, the feature confirms that Sonic Mania Plus is going to see release in Japan as well. There will be digital and retail options, with the digital being paid DLC for the original release.

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Great! I totally and utterly deserves to. Very Happy

Who would have thought that if they made a good Sonic game that it would sell well? :D

About time it reached that number. But alas, this won't prompt Sega to keep this same formula now won't it?

Wonder what Sega will do next? Make a Sonic game no one asked for?

The Mania team and Sonic Team are different. Maybe the next Sonic Team game won't be good but it's reasonable to be confident in the Mania team making another good classic game.

That maybe so but SEGA is the one who decides what to do with Sonic and not them.

I won't have high hopes for a sequel of this one coming anytime soon if you ask me.

Sega: "So it's a successful, well loved game? I guess that means it's time to throw it in the trash and start all over."

Tue Apr 24 18 01:00pm
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Could be worse... that's what Disney said about Star Wars...


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