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CD Media named as Nintendo's official distributor in Turkey

by rawmeatcowboy
24 April 2018
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Quite some time ago, the official distributor for Nintendo in Turkey decided to step away from their position. That left Nintendo without an official distributor in the country. Today that changes, as CD Media is stepping in to pick things up.

The following is an official statement from CD Media CEO Spiros Giamas.

"We are honored and proud to advise of our exclusive contract with NINTENDO for TURKEY...our new company CD Media Turkey based in Istanbul will soon provide Turkish Nintendo fans and consumers with all of the wonderful cutting edge Nintendo products,SWITCH,LABO,AMIBO etc and the full range of software.We will be providing Turkish language manuals,web site and technical support,all based on our current experience with Nintendo in the wider Balkan region. We are looking forward to supporting key local Turkish retail and independents with the full range of Nintendo consoles,accessories and games."