Gal*Gun 2 inside cover accidentally features WILD GUNS Reloaded art

Man, I can't recall a time when something like this has happened. We've seen logos accidentally left on artwork, and artwork not properly formatted, but the situation with Gal*Gun 2 is weirder than that. While the outside cover is indeed for Gal*Gun 2, the inside cover features art for WILD GUNS Reloaded! Talk about a mistake that's going to become a collector's item!

Thanks to Banballow and Dvazquez5138 for the heads up!

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Right up there with Resident Evil Revelaitons for 3DS

don't forget Nartuo Powerful Shippuden for Nintendo 3DS

These two comments make it sound like the 3DS is the haven for typos, haha

It just amuses me that both releases of Gal*Gun over here have been misprinted. The first game was rated "E for Everyone" on the back of the Vita cases, and this one gets the Wild Guns treatment.

I was ultra confused to find Wild Guns art when i opened my copy.

Reminds me of the Wii port of Okami having an IGN watermark on the box art. xd

Wild Guns for Switch confirmed!

It HAS to happen now as DL only game.

Wild Guns came out on switch last week! Physical and digital


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