What to expect for Nintendo's Fiscal Year Earnings Release

Nintendo's Fiscal Year Earnings Release will go live on April 26th, 2018. It's been an absolutely fantastic fiscal year for Nintendo, but what should we expect specifically? The Wall Street Journal listed the following tidbits.

- analysts expect Nintendo to report revenue of ¥1.04 trillion ($9.57 billion), more than twice the year-earlier ¥498.1 billion
- the median operating-profit forecast of 18 analysts polled is ¥166.9 billion, more than five times the year-earlier ¥29.4 billion
- net profit is expected to hit ¥132 billion, up from ¥102.6 billion
- Nintendo is likely to announce that Switch exceeded sales expectations, with sales of around 16 million
- Nintendo plans to announce its initial Switch sales forecast for the current fiscal year, ending in March 2019
- Mr. Kimishima is likely to comment on Nintendo Labo’s sales momentum
- there could be unannounced mobile titles

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We'll also know if Pokemon is still 2018 or later.

Tue Apr 24 18 05:32pm
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So hopefully this means he'll confirm if 2018's drought will end for good when June comes around, right? With unannounced NEW games that aren't late ports for August onwards? I'm just glad this month is almost over as there was practically nothing new of importance to play gaming wise, and third parties are leading the way next month so I hope the momentum continues.

It's only a drought if you have zero interest on the titles available, which isn't the case for the general consumer.
Kirby and Labo are enough to carry momentum for the rest of spring, and Wii U ports will also hold over the 99% who didn't buy a Wii U until Summer comes around.

It's been a drought for anyone looking for new games.

Tue Apr 24 18 09:03pm
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The minuscule userbase of the Wii U means that for most Switch owners these are new experiences and that's what matters.
Most of those "people looking for new games" are gonna find them on said Wii U ports.

Most of those "people looking for new games" are gonna find them on said Wii U ports.

No, they aren't. They are going to find ports of old games. Maybe a lot of Switch owners want them, maybe they don't, but they aren't new games. Switch is going through a new games drought right now no matter how you want to spin it.

They don't care if they've never played the game before. It's still new.
Also, if you really want to spin things that way, we just had Kirby last month and Labo. There's also the nindies that come out every week and keep reporting great sales on the Switch. Regardless of how you want to take a look at it, there are games coming and people buying them.
Whether they appeal to you or not is another story.

Kirby and Labby are the only big noteworthy new releases for the first 5 months of the year. That puts us squarely in new games drought territory. Lots of people will be looking up to the sky hoping for some rain come E3. Because so far the second half of the year is better, but not much. Feels like it's missing the heavy hitters expected for that time of year.

Unless they got delayed, we still have Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Travis Strikes Again, and Super Smash Bros. set to release this year.
Remember that Nintendo's new strategy is announcing things just months before release, so unless at tomorrow's investor meeting we see some of these titles changed to TBAs, there's very little reason to worry.

Super Smash Bros. set to release this year.
Dang, I completely forgot that they did say 2018 for Smash Switch. Somehow I just find that hard to believe, though...

I have at least 7 unplayed games in my retail-collection, so no drought for me. This is not a Wii U situation where you get a single new game every 3-5 months. It is just that the Nintendo presence is a little more silent but we all know that they will bring new stuff the upcoming months to us. Of clurse I expect a lof of new announcements during E3.

I am talking about a drought of releases of new games in the schedule. It's not a relative thing. It's not dependent on how many games a person has in their backlog. Even if I had a backlog of 100 games, there was still only 2 new games released in the first 5 months of the year for Switch. And those were Kirby and Labby. I almost hate to even count Labby (but I do.. I do), because it's this other kind of thing. We need more games so we can have more choices. It shouldn't be that if you don't like the one new game coming out then you have nothing else to choose from.

The reason you don't see more people complaining about this is because they were ok with a bunch of ports. That is fine. But that doesn't please everyone. It's like if you feel you have nothing to complain about then you don't want others to complain either. People really hate to see others complain about things that don't bother them personally.

Nintendo is in no better position to avoid a Wii U style drought than they were then. Which is disappointing. Think about this: without the Wii U library to fall back on, to pillage, to rerelease, we would be in a Wii U style drought probably the whole year if not more.

By porting the Wii U library over, it should buy them time to make a lot of new games for a very healthy 2019.

I do agree with you we should be getting a lot of new things in the coming months and especially next year. I also fully expect this to be a big E3. If it's not you will likely see me complaining about that too.

Even if I paid attention to every retail game out on Switch in the fast few months, it's still drought-worthy. Bayo 1-2 is the highlight for Q1 by far, and I've been enjoying Bayo 1 since I didn't have time to play it on Wii U, plus the games were separate and at a reasonable $30 price point each, but since then there's been practically nothing. Kirby's barely any different from prior entries in the series and is incredibly short to the point even metacritic and kirby fans don't seem to be too impressed by the game's value since it could have been a lot more, and for the big new Q1 title, that's a big problem. April literally has no new games in the slightest outside of the Robot Labo software, and that's not even a thing that can fit every person on the planet so it's a case of YMMV.

All April has had retail wise on Switch are belated ports from other systems, and regarding the eShop the past few months the hidden gems that did come out are buried deep behind tons of crappy low budget titles. Such excellent games on the Switch eShop besides Celeste that people seem to be sadly missing out include Lode Runner Legacy, Bleed 2 and 10 Second Run Returns, among some others, but the poor quality of the eShop's layout makes it pretty damn hard to find those games, so the eShop might as well be invisible for the "general consumer" unless they want VS Mario, Minecraft and Rocket League forever and ever.

The Wii U ports in may/summer aren't even worth defending save for Hyrule Warriors. (Due to the QOL updates and other new things that make it worth it even for 3DS/Wii U owners, akin to how Pokken's port was a good value.) Sure, them existing doesn't hurt for those who haven't played them before... But pushing them as the major titles for the month is just a sign of not caring, even moreso when you have the audacity to charge a mediocre game $10+ above the original MSRP on Wii U, and $40+ above the MSRP of the current Wii U version when nothing significant has been added or changed. As a Wii U owner who bought a crapton of games, I feel pretty peeved at the more basic ports that just exist for the sake of existing, rather than ports that improve the original game like Pokken, Mario Kart and Hyrule Warriors. Captain Toad's the only exception to the basic port rule I feel, since they were smart enough to give that a $40 pricepoint, but when it's on 3DS too is it even a Switch focused port at that point?

Point is, for Wii U owners and anyone who can pick up a used Wii U and the original game for cheap, it's pretty much just pointless filler to pad out the first five months of the year. The drought would be so much better if this was like the Wii U where there was a new VC game every week and thus something of interest to check out, (leading me to buy 170 Wii U VC games over the past few years) but since Nintendo doesn't even want to do that and Arcade Archives titles are seemingly at random, it's a pretty tough wait to the middle of May when things pick up again. I feel like if Nintendo released VC or games like Pushmo/Freakyforms on the Switch eShop as filler games that would work out a lot better, with smaller, new IPs meant for digital downloads. The 3DS and Wii U both had something along those lines, yet all we have so far from Nintendo on Switch is... Snipperclips, which got a retail release.

Wed Apr 25 18 12:35am
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It's sales what matters in the end, not personal opinion or appealing to hardcore fans.
Despite the mixed opinions on Kirby, it's still pushing more units than previous games in the series, Labo is well off to a great start, and Wii U games keep getting new life on the Switch, which is only giving Nintendo more incentive to dig up the Wii U's library and put it on the new system. Very few people are picking up used Wii Us to buy Wii U games when they can get it on the Switch instead, and all these factors are pushing system sales and driving momentum.
Even if for the die-hard fans there's seemingly "nothing new", to the 99% out there there's a lot to check out. Ultimately the Switch has to appeal to more than just Nintendo fans and so-far it's working.

I'm expressing my opinion as a customer and fan, about what I want. That is all that matters to me. You are talking about Nintendo's business, which is not my problem or concern. You make it sound like if Nintendo is doing good business, selling a lot of Switches and games that I should just be happy. Even if it's not what I personally want as a customer. Makes no sense; I'm not involved with Nintendo on the business side of things.

Even if Nintendo's strategy is leading them to the greatest business success ever seen, if it is not what I want as a customer I should say so.

Even if what I personally want Nintendo to do would be bad for Nintendo as a business, I should still say what I want because it's not up to me to evaluate business moves for Nintendo.

As I said on the comment I just posted a few minutes ago, the problem is not the opinion. There's nothing wrong with an opinion by itself, but rather with the framing of an opinion as a fact or other sort of undisputable statement.
"None of the games Nintendo has released this year appeal to me or are just ports of Wii U games" is a different way of putting it than "The Switch has a software drought and they've had barely any major releases this year"

The reason I stated it in a more factual way instead of more like an opinion is because it is a fairly objective statement. If you have been looking for major new games to play on Switch there have not been many this year. Understand that I am not using "new" as a relative term here. I am not talking about "new to you". I meant "new" as in a brand new game not a previously released port that you haven't played before.

What is there to dispute about that? You don't seem to want to dispute it but rather you want to explain why the issue I am having is not a problem for most Switch owners.

OK fine. I agree it is not a problem for most Switch owners. I never said it was a problem for most Switch owners. I understand why Nintendo did it this way. I know the circumstances with the Wii U very well.

None of that erases that it is still a problem for some people like myself and I should be allowed to express it without you always trying to say it doesn't matter if it is a problem for me because it's not a problem for most people.

Every time someone has mentioned not being satisfied with the Switch releases this year because of a lack of new games you just go on to explain why there have been plenty of games for most people to play.

Kimishima sure helped Nintendo out very good the first year of the Switch, so I will keep an eye on this "event"

What about the Virtual console?

Far too many people seem to think a game drought means there are no new games that interest them specifically.

Entitlement and selective facts at work. Die hard fans often fail to realize that they're only a small minority of the user pool.

Wed Apr 25 18 12:55am
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Die hard fans often fail to realize that they're only a small minority of the user pool

Not at all. I know that most people are fine with all the old ports and filler on Switch and that hardly anyone agrees with me -- I'm reminded of it daily. The problem is that you seem to think that because my opinion is a minority one, I should just keep quiet. But minority opinions have a right to be expressed just as much as majority ones and not just cast off since it doesn't apply to you.

Wed Apr 25 18 01:06am
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That is correct, but then you shouldn't present an opinion like if it was fact.
"The Switch has a game drought" is entirely inaccurate because you present your personal preference as a mean to dictate which games don't count as valid releases. Therefore, despite the multitude of games coming out, the "drought" applies because they don't appeal to your taste.

I believe I have always been specific in qualifying that as a drought of new games this year. "New" being the operative word. This should be a fairly objective statement. I mean, what would you consider to be the noteworthy new games so far this year on Switch, excluding all the old ports?

Wed Apr 25 18 01:33am
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Because ultimately that defintion assumes people have already played the original and therefore these ports don't qualify as new to them. The Switch's situation with last-gen first party ports is different than on other platforms because of the outright failure and minuscule userbase of the Wii U. Many of the ports released so far barely managed to break 1-2M if at all, so not even a notably large quantity of Wii U owners played these titles.
Therefore, compared to the Switch's rapidly growing userbase, the amount of people that would look at these titles and don't consider them new games is very minuscule.
The average consumer does not care in the slightest if the game has come out on other systems before. The meaning of new usually boils down to "Have I played/heard of this before?"

I agree with most of this but none of it is relevant. We are still in a drought when it comes to big new releases on Switch.

You can keep on explaining why that is, why its ok, and so on. But I already know that. And it doesn't change anything.

One might think „drought“ is a favorite word of yours^^

I think you are a little unfair here. The first two years of the PlayStation 4 were the Remaster-Years. It was only the big hype bubble which made the system so popular and I regretted to buy one. The system is a beast niw but it was a rough start and it never managed to fully convince japanese consumers to this day.
Also, you have this same drought on every other system currently. Microsoft received „Sea of thieves“ and Sony is dominating with just „God of War“.

The Switch is receiving new releases on a little smaller scale currently, but this is Ok. They have big titles in the pipeline and a lot of them aren‘t even announced. It was their goal to deliver a solid second year for the console and they will reach it. They can work calmly on new titles, that wasn‘t possible with the Wii U.

It's a drought of new games that aren't just a bunch of ports. I do agree it should be temporary. I am by no means saying the Switch is dead or that this hasn't happened before to other consoles. When things pick back up, I'll change my tune. If this happens again, I'll complain again. Kirby and Labby aren't enough new games for the first 5 months of the year for me.

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