The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild now the best-selling Zelda game of all-time

Boys and girls, it's a very momentous occasion. With the release of Nitnendo's latest financial results, we now see that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the best-selling Zelda game of all-time. We're talking about a worldwide scale here, where the game has sold 8.48 million on Switch alone. When you throw in the Wii U version sales, which were at 1.5 million as of the last fiscal quarter, at the very least possible, Breath of the Wild is just shy of the 10 million sold mark. This means Breath of the Wild dethrones Twilight Princess, which was the previous record-holder at 8,850,000 million units sold.


Wow that is quite amazing. Consider that this game will continually sell throughout the life of the Switch. Who knows what the final figure will be...

Thu Apr 26 18 04:36am
Rating: 2

It just goes to show that Nintendo wasn't doing themselves any favors by playing it safe with Zelda for so long. The series had had gotten stale, sticking to the same formulas, doing nothing to wow us in favor of control gimmicks. They were finally bold enough to try something a little more contemporary and the results speak for themselves.

Well deserved. This was the first Zelda game I actually played all the way through.

Out of curiosity, which Zelda games have you tried?

Thu Apr 26 18 12:47pm
Rating: 1

The original one where the cart had a bad battery (got it at a garage sale with my grandparents) and no map. Didn't make it very far as I had no idea where to go or do.

OoT I rented one time for the weekend to give it a try. I just couldn't get into. Barely got passed the great duku tree.

Twilight Princess.... I got explicitly got for the Twilight hack on the Wii.... After getting home brew on it, I tried playing it. Lost interest when an NPC broke me completely out of the game with the line, "hey, I bet you can't press Z to look at me."

Minish Cap I got from the 3DS embassador program... Played it for about a week, took 3 days off.... Came back and completely had no idea what I was doing or where I needed to go.

Okay, interesting. Yeah, the Zelda intros were never really ones for true immersions due to the handholding and such. I never got into OoT myself, and Minish Cap was so-so for me. But Twilight Princess interestingly is my favorite Zelda! (Gotta love Midna)

This game is truly amazing and is the only game worthy of dethroning the former king Ocarina Of Time.

I'm happy the game sold well and hope the franchise continues to grow. BotW was really flawed but it goes to show people wanted something new from Zelda. Excited for what the next iteration on this new direction will bring.

Well deserved. One of my favorite Zelda games.

Botw may have been the best launch title but it still couldn't beat Odyssey's levels.

That said, a great job indeed. I must get the Switch somehow and play this and Odyssey!


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