Nintendo Shares New Details about Its Nintendo Switch Online Service Coming in September (official PR)

Nintendo’s upcoming Nintendo Switch Online service is an affordable, multi-featured paid service that lets users enjoy online play for compatible Nintendo Switch games, access classic NES games with added online functionality, back up save data for most games and use additional features for the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app that will enhance the online experience for compatible games.

Nintendo revealed more information about Nintendo Switch Online, including pricing, Save Data Cloud backup and additional details about the classic NES games subscribers will be able to play when it launches in September.

U.S. Pricing: Various price points offer a variety of affordable options for different players.

Individual memberships:

One month: $3.99
Three months: $7.99
12 months: $19.99
Family membership (12 months): $34.99

With a family membership, up to eight Nintendo Account holders will be able to use the Nintendo Switch Online service, even on different systems.

Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online: Subscribers will have access to NES – Nintendo Switch Online, a compilation of classic NES games. The collection will initially include 20 games, with more added on a regular basis. At launch, previously announced games Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario and Super Mario Bros. 3 will be joined by Donkey Kong, Ice Climber, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros., Soccer, Super Mario Bros. and Tennis. An additional 10 launch games will be announced in the future.

For the first time ever, players will be able to enjoy these classic NES games online. Depending on the game, players can engage in online competitive or co-op multiplayer, or take turns controlling the action. Friends can even watch each other play single-player games online, and “pass the controller” at any time. Every classic NES game will support voice chat via the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app*. It will also be possible to play these games offline.

Save Data Cloud Backup: By using Nintendo Switch Online, a backup of Nintendo Switch save data for most Nintendo Switch games will be stored online for easy access. This is great for people who want to retrieve their data if they lose, break or purchase an additional Nintendo Switch system.

Online Play: A Nintendo Switch Online membership will be needed to participate in co-op and competitive online features for many current and upcoming Nintendo Switch games, such as Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, Mario Tennis Aces and Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido.

Nintendo Switch Online App*: The Nintendo Switch Online smartphone application can be used to enhance the online experience for compatible games through voice chat and other features.

*The Nintendo Switch Online app is for Nintendo Account holders 13 years old or older. Persistent internet access and compatible smartphone are required. Data charges may apply.

For more information about the Nintendo Switch Online service, visit https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service.

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Mon May 07 18 09:53pm
Rating: 5

Nintendo Switch Online App*: The Nintendo Switch Online smartphone application can be used to enhance the online experience for compatible games through voice chat and other features.

Are they still going to force users to have the chat function only through a smart phone app? It's beyond lame if this holds up.


Also the fact that family accounts are allowed to be set up across multiple switch systems is kinda shocking. People are going to share family accounts online and pay very little for the service.

Well if Nintendo is smart about it, they’ll do what Apple does and require all “family” members to be linked to one family organizer, who supplies the credit card. So be careful who you family up with, if you know what I mean.

I guess SNES games aren’t happening anymore?

They had said it will be NES at the start and SNES coming later. So unless they say something else about it I don't think those plans have changed.

I mean, I really hope that’s the case because this lineup of NES games is not very exciting at all.

You know that prayer that is supposed to be said before you go to bed so if you die in your sleep you wont go to hell? Nintendo fans need a prayer to let there Switch's last til September before they break.

Mon May 07 18 09:53pm
Rating: 5

Nintendo Switch Online App*: The Nintendo Switch Online smartphone application can be used to enhance the online experience for compatible games through voice chat and other features.

Are they still going to force users to have the chat function only through a smart phone app? It's beyond lame if this holds up.

Tue May 08 18 03:14am
Rating: 2

Well considering that no one is using it it is the best of both worlds for Nintendo. They can claim they have voice chat (even though it is a gimped version of it) and pay next to nothing to maintain it since no one uses it.

Tue May 08 18 04:28am
Rating: 1

Hey, new president guy... fix this garbage as your first order of business, please.

Oh my...the family program for online is a blessing to me! We have 3 Switches in the house here (myself and my 2 daughters) and we all enjoy MK8D online, Splatoon 2, etc. I was afraid I was going to be pumping out $60 for all of us to have online...but now just have to do $35?? Sweet info indeed! Also, cloud saves sounds very nice! And the NES classic games sound better than what it was initially sounding like, as now it sounds like you have permanent access to these classic games, and not just one a month as I thought it was initially put forward as. Even if voice chat is done through the app still, that doesn't bother me too much...as the rest of the features sound pretty great to me!

Mon May 07 18 10:22pm
(Updated 1 time)

I can see more than families take advantage of the family package.

Even though it is quite affordable I'm still not biting. The only thing I care about at all is being able to play games online but I don't do that often enough to feel good about paying for it. So I won't.

I was hoping, since this is Nintendo we are talking about, that they would blow me away with something inventive that only Nintendo would do but this is just very boring basic stuff.

It was a good call to announce this now and not wait for E3 for this.

Mon May 07 18 11:15pm
Rating: 1

I actually really love this announcement. I has pretty much everything I need.

Cheap online multiplayer with cloud saves. The online NES games is a nice touch, but I probably would've gone for this regardless.

The reason I don't sign up for PS+ is because of how expensive it is when all I care about is online multiplayer and not the rotating list of games I don't care for.

This also strengthens my feeling that there will be Virtual Console games arriving in some form regardless of branding.

The possibility of VC games is quite low now.. Virtual Console itself is not in the planned for Switch according to Nintendo. Most likely this persistent Classic Game Library with NSO is replacing it. SNES games are already planned for later and games from later systems may come at some point in the future..
If they’re going to expand this Classic Game Library at even a moderately decent pace it’s a better deal than VC was.

Personally I like this a lot better. It's going to allow me (and undoubtedly others feel the same) to play and discover games I normally wouldn't have bought on Virtual Console. I think that's pretty cool.

Yeah I posted that before that announcement.

I still think we're going to have the option to selectively purchase classic games in some fashion, even if it's not under the "Virtual Console" brand.

I guess we'll have to differ a bit. I much prefer selectively buying my games, but since I'm getting these older titles(all of the announced ones I've already played) upgraded in some way...of course I'll test them all out again.

Yep, I spoke to soon, I normally always go to the source but with this I didn't. They explicitly said the VC name as a banner to put all classic game under is not planned to be continued on Switch.

It's likely they are simply taking a different approach regarding classic games on Switch. What that will be exactly we'll have to wait and see.
I personally hope they'll start selling themed collections of classic games.

One of the best arguments I've heard for this being a positive development is that the restrictions VC brought with publishing classic games on Switch have been lifted. Different games can be priced differently, Games don't have to be grouped per system any more. Not everything from one system has to run through one emulator provided by NIntendo.

– The road for multi-system collections is free.
– Games are easier optimised with either Nintendo's emulators or one built specifically for the game (or for a group of games).
– Third party companies are free to charge what they want which combined with the first point above makes it more likely they can release more obscure titles within a collection.

All of this can be possible alongside the growing classic game library that is available with the subscription. Which is an ideal all you can eat buffet.

TBH, people who are worried about preserving the games for after the service ends more than a decade from now have many other options to preserve the games already (original, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, even Roms). There's nothing wrong with a more convenient all you can play buffet as a subscription that's going to grow over time.

And undoubtedly that service will simply continue on the successor of the Switch so I'm not that worried of losing access to those games by services ending... Particularly since it's a renting subscription service. I subscribe to play them now. Not to play them after said service ends on Switch.

Glad to hear that cloud saves are confirmed. Now to protect our Switches for another 4 months. :u

Also, if they're really gonna commit to the Online app, I hope they make it more robust. The fact that there's been little mentioned or added since Splatoon 2 makes me think they're working to re-launch it.

Yeah I feel the same way, I expect them to have a major update to the app when the service launches. I suspect that is one of the biggest things that caused the delay as it's an integral part of the Nintendo Switch Online Service.

Cloud saves for “most” games— of course not all of them are supported.

That means games with different ways of saving, like Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud which is already using cloud saves on their own servers, won’t officially be included. I think any normal save on the system’s memory will be okay.

Or like Minecraft which has saves of 2GB, it won't be smart saving them in the cloud. So, I think there will be a size limit.

Tue May 08 18 01:07am
(Updated 1 time)

Does "new details" mean that's it? Or is there more info to come? This is pretty bare bone, really. I really want to know more about VC for example. Silly app for the voice chat *sigh*... And guess that's only for friends and not random people. That might be a good thing though ;)
I do like the playing NES games online though (with SNES coming... what about N64?). Give me Ice Climbers!!! Oh and "pass the controller" part is funny.

Cloud saves is a blessing, but should have been free. But whatever. It's 200 kroners a year. Absoloutly cheap, so I'll go witg this anyway.

Now a UI update, please.

If you mean the Classic Games Library with VC (VC itself isn't planned for Switch), they said it's going to be 20 games at launch (currently 10 games are announced). It's going to be a persistent growing library that all NSO members can access.

VC is dead though. For Switch it's the Classic Game Library with the online service or nothing.

Expensive/very low value, already got the games, once twice or even 3 times (nintendo ambassador+actual nes cartridge).
No phone so cant use the app (that wouldn't give both game sound and voice) and would potencially just play smash online, which already has the base price and usually expensive dlc on top on that.

Super spike vball online can be fun sure, but with the risk of online getting like on ps+ where games servers are literally empty 3 months after release on a semi well selling game (ggxrd with more) this isnt convicing me to buy the online.
That said though stock in Nintendo on the other hand will skyrocket considering how defended it is (and to those defending it has a "low price", that is always the case for new subscription services, once they get a fair share of subscribers they raise the prices to earn more, it's the normalization strategy in economics 101).

Tue May 08 18 03:20pm
(Updated 1 time)

It's clearly not for you. Since you're not very interested in Online play.
For people who do like multiple features of the service it is a pretty good deal. Moreover if you don't own several of the classic games..

Meanwhile Splatoon on Wii U still has free online. And I still play it.

Now I'm even more glad I didn't see any reason to 'upgrade' to Splatoon 2.

I'm sure Splatoon will be online for years considering they still sell it. I mean, how could you sell Splatoon for Wii U and then just shut it down? They should keep the online component available for at least a year after they stop selling copies.

Tue May 08 18 06:24am
(Updated 1 time)

Still sounds pretty crap to be honest. I mean, seriously, a bunch of ancient NES games with a few tweaks is not something to get excited about.

Xbox One and PS4 owners are likely laughing their heads off right now at Switch owners in this regard.

WIth the exception that you pay about 3-4 times the amount for a year Sony and Xbox is offering. You pay 20 bucks for Nintendos Service and you are good to go. Also, the NES games are just the start.

All in all, we don‘t need these services because, with the exception of free games, Steam is giving you all this as a free service. But that‘s how it is on consoles unfortunately. When it comes to pricing, 20 bucks a year will hurt no one who enjoys playing multiplayer and would like to upload his savegames. I do think there is still potential in this service in the future.

I saw that one coming a long time ago, sadly.

Nintendo, if it were truly smart, should have created basically a Netflix-like service on the Switch where your subscription would give you free access to a whole library of digital games so long as you were paying the monthly-yearly subscription fee. I'm talking hundreds of titles to choose from here. They could also swap some of these titles out every now and then just like Netflix does. And these titles could have come from the huge library of classic retro games as well as new games too.

That would have been the most natural and exciting evolution of the Virtual Console imo.

But I guess Nintendo still doesn't really see/get the big picture here--I expect either or both Sony and Microsoft will beat them to the punch on this too.

Uh.... as of now, thats exactly what they are trying to do....the only thing is that they are starting with 20 NES games in September. As time passes on, it seems they will be adding more and more classic games. Maybe in a year or two, the service will have NES, SNES, N64, GB,GBA games all available to choose from. It really depends on their speed in getting things out tho and since they are adding some sort of online component to each of them, it seems it will take time...

If it's anything like the Wii U's VC then it will fall woefully short of what I think most people would actually want.

Tue May 08 18 09:53am
Rating: 1

Well perfect then! They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t, right?

Yup! I think it's pretty exciting! Even if they add just 20 games per year the $20 a year is 1$ per game while ignoring all the other NSO features.. Hopefully it'll be more than 20 games to create a compelling library with enough variety to satisfy all kinds of gamers.

As for 3rd parties, they could offer royalties per user who downloads the game (or maybe per user that actually plays the game for a certain short amount of time).

It could be a pretty interesting service that can slowly and easily be tweaked at the start and expanded later on..

I don't know about third parties since they all seem keen on releasing their back-catalogue on their own.
But even as a Nintendo-only service, if by the end of the Switch's lifespan we have access to most of Nintendo's first-party games from NES to N64 and possibly even Game Boy/Color/GBA that would be pretty sweet.
This is the way to go moving forward than Virtual Console.

Yeah it depends. But I think Nintendo will keep that door open. Especially since they provide the platform which is pretty convenient. I think eventually it'll be a mix of some 3rd parties publishing the games themselves and some going through this service (especially the ones who can't be bothered to publish themselves..).

No thanks. They are greedy for online cost. I am fine with offline since PS3. I dont care about online at all. Nah, no thanks, Nintendo.

By using Nintendo Switch Online, a backup of Nintendo Switch save data for most Nintendo Switch games will be stored online for easy access.

Like ALL switch design choices, that is GARBAGE. You can only back up your save files if you pay???????????? Seriously? That's complete garbage.

This is not what people want. We want to be able to back up our saves locally, you know, like every other non-Nintendo system has been able to do since the PC Engine in the 1990s?

Furthermore, it's not even ALL save data. It's only most!

I have never regretted not buying that hunk of junk called the Nintendo switch. It is without a doubt, Nintendo's worst home console ever. While unloved, Wii U was a much more interesting system.


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