Nintendo officially says there are "no plans" to do a Virtual Console service with Switch like they've done with other platforms

Were you holding out hope that Nintendo was oging to bring back their Virtual Console service even after they unveiled further Switch Online plans last night? Well, here's the final nail in the coffin. A Nintendo spokesperson has officially squashed the idea.

“There are currently no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems. There are a variety of ways in which classic games from Nintendo and other publishers are made available on Nintendo Switch, such as through Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo eShop or as packaged collections,” the Nintendo spokesperson said. “Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online will provide a fun new way to experience classic NES games that will be different from the Virtual Console service, thanks to enhancements such as added online play, voice chat via the Nintendo Switch Online app and the various play modes of Nintendo Switch.”

That's it, boys and girls. You get the NES lineup with online play, and that's all we know for sure right now. I'm sorry to bring you the bad news!

Thanks to Autumnalblake for the heads up!


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I knew they'd do things differently this time. Otherwise, they'd be facing a barrage of questions as to why people couldn't transfer their games from Wii U/3DS to Switch. They had to find a new way to milk people for the umpteenth time for these old games.

Tue May 08 18 06:32am
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I do hope the online service ends up having hundreds of games, because that could end up being better value. It is however very unlikely, especially at the current price. The 'as packaged collections' does sound interesting, though...

I think it's entirely possible, since it's likely it will just be Nintendo's first party catalogue as other companies are marketing their catalogues on their own more and more often.

Without the need to pay for licensing fees/royalties, nor having to pay the ESRB for each individual title I don't think it's out of the question that we'll eventually have all or most of Nintendo's first party catalogue up to N64 on the service.

I guess they'll go full on a netflix like model with the possibility to buy a SNES/N64 etc. package later on.

I guess they figure they'll make more money milking a subscription fee out of everyone. With the possibility of future price hikes, of course. Make no mistake, they'll increase the price if they want to, just like their competitors. If you want to keep your classic game collection you have to go along with it.

I knew they'd do things differently this time. Otherwise, they'd be facing a barrage of questions as to why people couldn't transfer their games from Wii U/3DS to Switch. They had to find a new way to milk people for the umpteenth time for these old games.

Wish they had said something before the Wii VC shop was shut down.

"Currently no pland" well you better change those plans in the near future! Remember, after changing said plans and going back to normal VC, you add in GC VC.


Tue May 08 18 07:18am
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I saw that one coming a long time ago, sadly. :-(

Nintendo, if it were truly smart, should have created basically a Netflix-like service on the Switch where your subscription would give you free access to a whole library of digital games so long as you were paying the monthly-yearly subscription fee--they could also swap some of these titles out every now and then just like Netflix does--and these titles could have come from the huge library of classic retro games as well as new games too.

That would have been the most natural and exciting evolution of the Virtual Console imo.

But I guess Nintendo still doesn't really see/get the big picture here.

Tue May 08 18 08:25am
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I think you forgot your sarcasm tags

What you describe is exactly what Nintendo is doing

Not from what I can see.

Tue May 08 18 09:56am
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Then your eyes are closed. The only difference in your idea and Nintendo’s is that they are adding in online features like multiplayer, spectating, etc... so the line-up is smaller at the outset and will probably take a while to build.

If they continue adding games and platforms to the online service titles, good on em. If they just wanna give us Nes games and that's it, then phooey.

Tue May 08 18 07:41am
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It just seems like they are not calling it the Virtual Console anymore, since they mention the eshop. Whether you can transfer previous purchases from 3DS/Wii/WiiU remains to be seen, but even if they kept the Virtual Console name, do people really expect Nintendo to not have charged something for that? I would rather pay a small fee than have what Sony does for the PS4: nothing, you cant transfer them since they want you to use PSNow. Funny that its Microsoft that has the free backwards compatibility.

Also not sure what RMC means that we only know about NES games. As of now, they have said SNES games will be coming as well.

They mentioned SNES games a long time ago, but now have only focused on NES games without even saying SNES games down the line.

I still think we'll get them.

"Virtual Console" is a dated term. It actually had merit when downloadable games was something new during the Wii generation, but now every device has a "virtual console".

Tue May 08 18 08:11am
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Alright, thanks Nintendo! I’ll hack my Switch.

Tue May 08 18 08:31am
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What a terrible mistake. They have mountains of classic games people want to play and they tease us with this. It's kind of despicable.

I doubt with this service I would be able to play obscure titles. Probably only the most famous stuff.

Meanwhile their terribly designed eShop continues to pile more games on top of itself, burying good games from new Switch owners due to it's bare bones UI and lack of search options.

It's seeming more and more like the Wii U was superior to the Switch in terms of features, apps, services and UI. And Nintendo does not plan to change that.

Tue May 08 18 09:12am
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I'm thinking that sales of Virtual Console titles on other platforms weren't that great.
They also are focusing on their mini classic consoles. All of this on top of fans asking for a unified account system so their previous Virtual Console purchases would carry over. Setting that up and porting over previous Virtual Console releases just might not worth Nintendo's time and money.

There is a slim chance Nintendo will release these titles for sale individually on the eShop but I wouldn't count on that happening anytime soon.

It's just frustrating because with their upcoming service... I don't feel like these games are a part of my digital library collection.

Honestly, if Nintendo could release all of their classic games in a subscription type model that would be even better than having to buy them individually. Granted, you will never own them this way, but the games you love you probably already own anyways.

I’m honestly ready for this. I don’t need to own SMB3 for the 9-millionth time. Just gimme a way to play it. I’m fine not owning the shit I watch on Netflix, so I’d be equally fine not owning games I play on Nintendo Online.

Tue May 08 18 11:22am
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I'm not mad at all, it makes sense considering their new plans.
No one would buy VC with the new Netflix-esque model, and if they released VC games all people would do is complain why they aren't on the catalogue model.

Would've anyone paid $5 for an individual ROM when eventually an large catalogue will be available for them for $20/year alongside cloud saves and online gameplay?

Wow, not gonna lie, this is actually...... Bad.

If they keep adding to the library of NES games and put SNES, N64, and GCN games in down the line, I guess that's ok. It would be nice to have one central location to play all the legacy Nintendo games. Especially to have the ability to take them on the go.

I wouldn't be surprised if they re-released some GCN and Wii games as enhanced ports, like they're doing with Wii U games. Games like Super Mario Sunshine would probably benefit since they would be able to change the analog trigger system to something that works better on Switch. Wii games by Nintendo could easily be updated to joy-con controls too.

It's a shame because I really wanna be able to retire my Wii U and GameCube but I have to keep them out because they're the only way I can play a lot of games.

While initially I thought, "What are they, crazy?!" I quickly remembered that there's no way they aren't going to capitalize on that huge catalog of nostalgic, already-made games... They're just going to make you pay for it in different ways than you used to.

But not me. I already own these games in cartridge form.

Does anyone else think that "Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online" is a wordy name? I'm surprised that they didn't figure out a marketable name for this service. Something like "Nintendo Unlimited" or "Satellaview Advance".

Yeah, it's one of the least elegant names I could possibly imagine.

Well damn the least they could do now is try to bring over and translate the Secret of Mana collection then. I don't mind this method but you have to actually offer all the games to your audience!!

I don't care. Tired of buying overpriced NES, SNES, and N64 games over and over. Cause if you know if Nintendo announced VC on Switch people (myself included) would be like why do I have to pay for this AGAIN when I bought it on both Wii and Wii U? The only thing I'm bummed about is once again a lack of GCN games since those games are expensive as hell on ebay and haven't been re-released every day of the week by Nintendo like all of their other systems have. Good riddance.

Not to mention as stated above the lack of VC means indies and 3rd parties are having better sales on the eshop because of it. I'd much rather keep getting great indie titles as well as big 3rd party games on Switch than them abandoning ship because the top 15 is filled with overpriced Nintendo ROMS.

HOWEVER that being said this news right after announcing a bare-bones crappy online service that even amish people would look at and be "damn that's basic" isn't gonna look good...Hate to say it as I hated the Wii U but it even it did/does a lot of things better than Switch when it comes to features, apps, and stuff.

Oh really? Well I'm officially announcing my plans to go full emu. I waited over a decade for Nintendo to get this right. And I'm done. They will never get it right. This is the only way to get what I want and I really shouldn't have waited this long.

I was so naive when I first heard of the Virtual Console I assumed it was going to launch with the full libraries of their classic systems available to buy day one. Because that would have been awesome. But they just trickled release after release, trying to maximize the impact of each game or some shit. It was painfully slow and many games never did get a Virtual Console release.

Screw it. I've been wanting to replay PM TTYD and I will. Whatever it was that had been keeping me from going emu is over.

This is pretty dirty in my opinion. I and many others ported all of their Wii VC titles to WiiU versions, not because of Miiverse or save states, but because they were formally linked as purchases to your Nintendo Account.

This meant in the future, those titles, already purchased, would be eligible to port to the new Nintendo consoles, even if with a upgrade fee. But no, turns out that was all for naught. I should have just left those games on the Wii.

I had a feeling this would happen. The Switch was too perfect of a system for Virtual Console, thus it won't happen. Being able to play SNES/N64/GC games on TV and on-the-go (with a nice 6.3" screen) was way too good of a deal for Nintendo to just let us enjoy. Especially when they still have to sell their SNES Classic systems and future N64 Classics.

I have a feeling they will just continue adding some specific games to their subscription service that you won't even have the license to keep, so as soon as you unsubscribe you no longer have access to any of the shitty NES games that we've all grown tired of seeing over and over again. Maybe if we're lucky they'll at least add a couple of SNES games to their service...that again you won't be able to keep if you're not a subscriber... *rolling eyes*

So the console that could potentially even emulate gamecube games on the go won't be getting any aside from a few NES games and maybe some SNES ones, released little by little.

I know how I will get my fix.


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