PR - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate comes to Nintendo Switch

The highly anticipated Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the follow up to Monster Hunter Generations, marks the series debut on Nintendo Switch as an exclusive when it launches on August 28, 2018 for digital and physical retail purchase across North America and Europe. For the first time, gamers have the flexibility to play both local wireless and online multiplayer with up to three other hunters – whether playing at home on the big screen or on the go in handheld or tabletop mode. E3 attendees can check out a demo of the game at the Capcom booth (#2223) this June. 

Hunters can face off against the series' largest roster of unique monsters in this nostalgic look back at the series’ beginnings and evolutions. Take on the role of a brave hunter on an adrenaline-fueled adventure challenging larger-than-life beasts. Completing quests will yield valuable resources for crafting countless distinct weapons and equipment fashioned after players’ defeated foes. Along their journey, hunters must defend each of the game’s four villages from major threats known as the Fated Four, plus an even more dangerous new Elder Dragon.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate features a blend of classic gameplay and unique new twists, brand new explorable areas and monsters, plus returning fan-favorites like the lightning fast Zinogre and the stealthy long-tailed Nargacuga. This release introduces a new quest level called “G” rank that features even more formidable versions of familiar foes, truly testing experienced hunters’ battle tactics now with different moves and abilities never before seen in the wild!

For newcomers to the series, the gameplay features tons of powerful super moves called Hunter Arts that can be executed with a quick tap on the touch screen. Players can experiment and choose from six different Hunting Styles including two new ones called Brave Style, which rewards players with new moves for landing successive attacks; and Alchemy Style, a support style that grants the ability to create useful items on the fly during combat. Hunters are encouraged to explore and customize the experience between quests to discover their preferred, highly personalized playstyle.

Players of the original Monster Hunter Generations can transfer save data from the previous title to continue their journey in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


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Thu May 10 18 12:33pm
Rating: 5

  • Sorry to hear you missed out on the best Monhun game.. which is monhun4u
  • Finally! Might be too late after MHW tho.... also I hope this isn't another test to see if they should make/localized the next MH on Switch .___.

    Thu May 10 18 11:42am
    Rating: 1

    They are pretty different experiences. In sure many people will want a classic MH experience that World just couldn't deliver.

    Strike that 'might' (for your average MHW newcomer, that is)

    I'd definitely buy it if I could use the save from my Japanese version. But I'll probably buy it anyway and start a new save!

    I think you need to start a new save then, save file transfer is only for MonHunGen(3ds) to MonHunGenUltimate(switch)

    Yeah, I didn't mean a transfer, more like if games use the same save regardless of region. Example: I have an American version of Resident Evil Revelations, and I'm pretty sure that save file would be loaded if I started up a European version of the game. I really don't think it will work like that for this game, but it would be nice, of course. Better yet, they could release an English language patch for the Japanese game. Not going to happen either, of course.

    It depends on the game i think if save files are compatible, but jpn save with english version is a no go. As for a localization patch, yea thats not going to happen for the maybe 5000 people who imported it.

    Holy crap... FINALLY!!! I have MHW on my PS4...but what I have REALLY wanted since the Switch released was a MH on the go...to carry and hunt anywhere and everywhere! SWEET SWEET SWEET news to me!!!

    Hmm...Generations Ultimate...so is this actually the XX coming over with a slight name change...or is it Generations with added content? I'm a little confused on that point...but...who cares? Its MH on the go on the Switch! HUZZAH!

    Thu May 10 18 11:44am
    Rating: 1

    To answer your question, it's XX. XX was just the JPN name. XX was an "Ultimate" version of X, which was named Generations in the West.

    XX is Generations with added content. They just use different naming conventions for Japan and the West.

    MHX = Generations
    MHXX = Generations Ultimate

    That's what I thought too, but was just confused that they stuck with the "Ultimate" title for the west and kept XX (which in my mind its just KNOWN for now) in Japan. But thanks for the info! Smile

    It's better than a kick in the groin I guess.

    I'm wondering how simple it will be to transfer my 3ds Generations data.

    Where the Hell did this come from? Damn!

    Anyway. I hear that MH:W has been "stripped down" a bit to make it more accessable. So it's an MH light in gameplay. So not as much herb and/or ore gathering?

    I'm still getting it for my XO eventually.

    Thu May 10 18 12:07pm
    Rating: 2

    They didn't strip down anything, MH:W streamlined things and added a quality of life to the series. Gathering is fast, mining is faster, so it's not as tedious. MH:W is wonderful, but MHGU is more than welcome and I hope those who joined for MH:W will hop on board with an entirely different idea too.

    I have yet to play World obviously, so I ask this stuff. It's time to let my XO stop gathering dust anyway ;)

    I've been waiting for this since Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS & Wii U. After being able to play that on both the portable and the TV, I could not go back to playing it on just one or the other. This will be the first Monster Hunter game that I'll be buying since then.

    Thu May 10 18 12:33pm
    Rating: 5

  • Sorry to hear you missed out on the best Monhun game.. which is monhun4u
  • From what I heard, XX (Generations Ultimate) is basically a better version of 4U. Generations itself was lacking, especially on G rank do this aims to fix that.

    Nah... MH4U definitely has a better overall story. Mhxx is great in having lots of monsters. I'd say MH4U is a better game, but Mhxx is definitely worth getting for MH veterans (or if you want to play Monster Hunter on your Switch, obviously).

    They're different, to be honest. XX has the most content and a lot of that is from 4U but 4U also has stuff that's not in XX (including a decent plot, while XX has zero), and the endgame progressions are very different.

    Also Generations has all the Styles and Hunter Arts and stuff which you might like or dislike, and it's overall more "flashy". It's like a "greatest hits" compilation with lots of references to previous games, while 4U is more of its own thing. Both are very worth playing IMO if you're a MH fan, but overall I think 4U is more polished even if it has "less" content (still easily 200+ hours) than XX.

    Wooooooooooo I thought we'd never get this!!!

    I mean, I still want a proper Fifth Gen MH for Switch, but I'll happily take this in the meantime! Now I don't feel as bad for not buying a PS4 just for MH World.

    -and no 3DS version in sight because screw that, right?
    Don't get me wrong, I'll get it for the Switch, but this should have been made availabe for he 3DS crowd as well.

    I'm pretty sure this is a port of the 3DS game, like what they did on the WiiU with MH3U.

    Thu May 10 18 02:01pm
    Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

    Yes and No. The Switch version is a port of MH Generations Ultimate 3DS. Here in the west, the 3DS only got MH Generations not the enhanced version MHGU. NICOLAUSCAMP wants MHGU for 3DS to also get localized.

    Yeah. This Switch game is the Western version of XX, which was released on Switch AND the 3DS in Japan. Generations on 3DS was released as X in Japan.
    X = Generations
    XX = Generations Ultimate

    I just wonder how reviewers will treat it. World cut down the menial tasks of the series and added plenty of combat mechanics. Yet, it doesn't capture everything that long time fans love about the series while making its improvements, maybe most of all, World isn't all that challenging by comparison. Will the fans of World reject the more classic design elements and the difficulty? Generations has a lot of new stuff to offer those people, but I just can't predict the reaction....

    I wrapped up my only time with MH4U less than two months ago. It feels a little early to dive into another MH. I'm very glad it will be there if I want it, though.

    FINALLY! I've been wanting this since it was announced for Japan. Capcom finally got their head out of their anal cavity and is listening to us.

    Here is a theory of what could have happened:

    This game was not originally planned to release overseas because Japan is a more portable console country and they didn't think the Switch will be this successful around the world. They developed MHW for more stationary systems (PS4, Xbox One, PC) and not designed for portable consoles like the Switch.

    However, in the months leading to E3 last year the console was a great success and selling really well. This put Capcom in a dilemma:

    • They cannot not port MHW to the switch on time and if a port happens it will be in one or two years
    • (which may be too late).
    • Announcing MHXX for the west between before MHW announcement and around it's launch will make the majority of people consider XX as an inferior product and that Switch owners were getting a consolation prize
    • (Which I think still is) and get a worse PR reputation that just staying silent.

    What I think is that Capcom decided to stay silent about MH until way after World was released and both the craze about that game and the heat(anger) about XX has died down

    Oh yeah, I had losed hope of that one being released on english, but I'm glad that it's coming.


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