Hacker aims to bring Virtual Console to the Switch with a bit of SNES Classic flair

Sam Breadman is not happy about the lack of a traditional Virtual Console service on Switch. He's so unhappy that he's set out to make his own Virtual Console service, complete with some SNES Classic Edition aesthetics. He's still got a ways to go, but the user interface is up-and-running. Let's see if Nintendo swoops in on this one to shut it down.

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Nintendo should really release large compilations of their classic games in cartridge form because I and many others would buy them. I am sure that they would sell by the millions so I'm not sure what they have to lose.

Wed May 16 18 02:55am
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Or even better. Make a dedicated console that only plays all their old games. Just think how much free money they can make out of that!

I would totally go for that. It's almost like they are trying to establish the Switch as its own entity and relegate the retro games to their "Classic" line of consoles considering that the stock Switch unit is ill-equipped for classic 2D gaming, It will be interesting to see what the future may bring. We probably haven't even gotten a taste of the crazy but eccentric genius side of Nintendo just yet.

Surprised no one has made the obvious stupid joke yet.

I'm sure Nintendo will release classic games on the Switch eventually. Just sucks that we have to wait more.

Wed May 16 18 07:49am
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What joke? The "Hackers do what Nintendon't" one?

Yeah. It kinda get's annoying hearing it in every news piece of something that Nintendo didn't implement or released yet.

Indeed. I can enjoy a good joke at the expense of Nintendo, but that particular joke has been done to death now

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