Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee domains registered by trademarking company

This could either be some proof that the Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee rumor being true, or someone sneaking in to squat on some domains.

If you were following the Pokemon rumor from yesterday, the inside scoop is that the Pokemon title heading to Switch was Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Pokemon Let's Go Eevee. Today we see that CSC Corporate Domains have registered domains for both games. CSC Corporate Domains is a legit company that secures domains for all different companies, but we can't say for sure that Nintendo, Pokemon Co., or Game Freak are tied to this request. What we can say is that Nintendo has worked with them in the past to secure domains, including the domains for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

If the rest of the rumor is true, we should be seeing an official reveal of the Pokemon Switch title later this month. That'll certainly give us some insight into whether these domain registrations are legit!

Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!

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It's very unlikely that someone outside of Nintendo/TPC registered those domains, as CSC only registers domain names for companies looking to protect their trade marks. Squatting seems extremely unlikely.

Guess we're going back to Kanto. 😐

What's wrong with that? It's been 15 years since a major first gen remake was made. That means you have a whole generation of high schoolers who are probably too young to remember Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Wed May 16 18 07:30am
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If this rumor is true, they are Pokemon Go tie in games. Does that mean joycon attachments outfitted with a camera bundled with the game?

The rumors don't say its a tie-in in that way. It's tie in in the sense that you can probably transfer pokemon from one game to another. The rumors also said that the way you catch pokemon will have optional GO mechanics (so the whole rotating and flipping the pokeball thing). The Switch doesn't have a GPS or anything of what GO has so don't worry I really doubt they are going to force the app on people.

Yeah it could be cool if you could transfer Pokemon from GO to the Switch game. Granted I don’t play Pokemon Go so whatever integration there is I hope it doesn’t detract from the main game.

If they add a camera to an attachment, why couldn't they add a GPS? The Switch is totally modular.

They could do that, but is very unlikely (and would make the games more expensive). They won't force an attachment on the games(that includes having to use GO). Even the PokeWalker stuff that was bungled with HG/SS was all optional(and was only $5 more expensive as a bundle). I think we should just expect some GO interconnectivity that doesn't force you to have GO to play these games.

that woul explain the recent new updates in pokemon go too. I mean, we got more features in 3 months than in years since launch

Wed May 16 18 08:59am
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If I'm not mistaken we got the Sun/Moon reveal the day after CSC filed these trademarks two years back. We may see the official reveal sometime this week! I can't wait. It sounds awesome.

Wed May 16 18 09:46am
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Oh... look at the back of the USUM box.

It makes sense now. I would like to think Team Rainbow Rocket will appear in these games, since Giovanni hinted he will return.

I think this sounds exciting. I am glad they are trying to shake things up.

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