Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation officially titled “Nintendo Direct: E3 2018”

For whatever reasons, Nintendo likes to tweak the wording of their E3 presentations. They've called them digital events in the past, and Directs as well. This year Nintendo is going back to the classic style, updating their official E3 2018 website with the “Nintendo Direct: E3 2018” branding. Not really a big deal, but now you know what write on your calendars!

Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!

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This is the toughest time before E3. We are so close yet so far.

I always forget how crap this time is. On top of that, I have to do cross country! Not good at all. Well, it gives me time to think about what I'll put on my bingo card.

The thing that gets me, is the "right after Nintendo Direct E3 2018 with Super Smash Bros

They did that too, last year. They went straight from the presentation in to Odyssey.

I'm dying inside.

We get all the reveals including the Smash reveal and then a 45 minute long segment (or maybe longer) on Smash Bros?

Aaaah, I can't wait.

Thu May 17 18 08:30am
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I do like how Nintendo would rather do directs than a live presentation instead. It give me news directly to me rather than some bunch of market staff who have horrible acting skills.

I think it comes down to the Skyward Sword live demonstration. It really hurt sales of the game, gave trolls ammunition and may have been a major contributor to the poor reception of the Wii U. I don't think they want to make their tech look dysfuctional ever again.

Thu May 17 18 12:50pm
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Well...atleast Skyward sword is still a good game..right?

Although this Zelda live demo was quite shameful for them, it was still Nintendo's E3 2010 presentation - which was a pretty good one. The real stinkers were in 2008 and 2012, if you ask me. Those are the type of presentations I won't miss.

Thu May 17 18 12:33pm
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Not to mention musical performances. For some reason Microsoft and Sony still think we're tuning in to E3 to watch people perform music.

Pre-recorded game-focused presentations really are the way to go.

Thinking about taking my vacation time the week of E3. I can't attend but I work first shift during the showings, don't want to miss anything (especially Nintendo). I need to see Smash, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Metroid Prime 4, and Bayonetta 3 footage first hand!

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