NoA PR - Enjoy a Fun-Filled Virtual Family Vacation Anytime, Anywhere When GO VACATION Launches for Nintendo Switch on July 27

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A resort vacation is always at your fingertips with the new GO VACATION game for the Nintendo Switch system. From sky diving and beach volleyball to tennis and even snowball fights, Kawawii island offers something for everyone, with more than 50 different games and activities to enjoy. Check out a new trailer for the game by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDG_siAbPQE.

Created by acclaimed developer BANDAI NAMCO, GO VACATION includes a variety of cooperative and competitive games that can be played solo or with up to four players via a single Nintendo Switch system or local wireless (additional accessories are required and are sold separately). Several activities offer the option to use motion controls, making swinging your tennis racket and throwing snowballs even more fun and immersive.

Discover new surprises each day as you adventure through the four different resort areas on Kawawii island. While exploring – either on foot, on horseback, on a snowmobile or more – you’ll discover numerous collectibles, challenges and other opportunities to level up and customize your character. Decorate your own villa, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the food trucks and snap in-game photos of the dozens of adorable animals hiding in each resort. Regular challenges and presents, like special costumes and different dog breeds, will keep you coming back for hours of Kawawii island adventures.

For more information about GO VACATION, visit https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/go-vacation-switch.


This game looks fun. I'll keep an eye on it. Mini game collections tend to be hit or miss and I'm hoping this one is a hit.

Is this a port of the Wii game?

Thu May 17 18 09:18am
Rating: 1

Zero reason to not use the Miis in this game

Holy crap, that’s awesome. Go Vacation was actually one of the best mini game collections I’ve ever played. It has an open world feel when exploring the island, and I know if I was much younger when it came out on Wii, I would have dumped a hundred plus hours on it just cruising around. A top recommendation for kids.

I never played this on Wii, though I had wanted to. But the lack of online multiplayer means I'm not going to play it on Switch either.

Oh man, this came out of nowhere for me, and I am pumped. I've always wanted a nice vacation-themed game, and this looks to offer some good variety to just mess about in.

The one thing me and my Switch owning friends are missing: party games. Between us we have MK8D and Overcooked. Most of us have Spla2n and are trying to convince the last couple stragglers to buy it (and Smash is coming relatively soon.)

Definitely down with this. I've been waiting for a Wii Sports Resort -type sequel and this looks close enough for me.

Would rather have "Switch Sports". This game got mediocre reviews on the Wii, was it underrate?.

Looks like my kids could have a ton of fun with this one

The original Wii release of this is legitimately one of my favorite games on the system. Fo' REAL.

I am way more hype for this than I am willing to admit.

Except I am by writing this.




One of the few Wii games that I believe deserve a second chance for fame. While it is true that the overall presentation might not be as polished as say, Wii Sports Resort, there is enough content here to create a fantastic piece of entertainment for the whole family. And going by the trailer there is a few new games not available on the original.

The more than 50 activities range in quality and complexity...some are as simple as a Mario Party minigame, but most are as complex and customizable as the best Wii Sports Resort has to offer.

And I am quite surprised to see NOA themselves promoting this game, perhaps Nintendo is calling the shots behind the port, hich would say a lot.

No multiplayer with all that c-op content? That is gonna be a hard pass from me. They just announced details of their paid online service and the first game they reveal doesn't have Online... Nintendo being Nintendo.

RIP Wuhu Island.

Gotta say, I got my hopes up for a Wii Sports ”sequel”. Not to piss on Go Vacations, it might be a fine game! Kinda weird that it doesn’t use the Mii characters.

The original did also used Mii characters, it's just that it also has its own character creactor, so I expect this one to do the same as well since it looks like a remake with updated graphics and more mini-games.

Never even knew this existed back on the Wii. Maybe it doesn't have online support, but local is great for me and my daughters. I think I'll be picking this one up for sure. One game I've been missing on my Switch was something easy, simple, and fun like Wii Sports Resort. This looks like it'll scratch that itch quite nicely! While big, deep, action packed games can be fun...sometimes I just want to kick back and relax with a game, too. Maybe some of my fellow gamers would call them "casual" games...but they can be just as fun and exciting in their own way as a Xenoblade or Octopath game can be. Looking forward to this, as I really liked what I saw in the teaser there!


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