Nigoro hints at La-Mulana console release, also open to porting the original to current platforms

While it was a long and winding road, Nigoro eventually got La-Mulana out on WiiWare. Ever since that release, the team has been hard at work on a sequel. La-Mulana 2 isn't too far off from PC release, but could it also come to current-gen platforms like the Switch? In an interview with USGamer, Nigoro had this to say.

"We've developed good relationships with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. We just need to be careful with the timing on console releases where no one's going to get pissed off about it. The game is all made in Unity, so I hope it should be a painless conversion."

The team has also been asked numerous times about bringing the original La-Mulana to current-gen platforms. While nothing official is happening, Nigoro does have interest in the idea.

"The subject of a port has come up several times. If there comes a time when you aren't able to download the game to any current systems, yeah, we definitely want to make sure that we can keep it available. There's nothing at all concrete about bringing it other platforms, but it's something we'll consider doing."

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I've been hoping for this. I've backed La-Mulana 2 on Kickstarter, and can't wait for the release. Even better if it does get a Switch port.

I really enjoyed La-Mulana but It's a game that if you don't play it for some time is really hard to get back on track, I'm completely stuck.

So when is it being released on PC?


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