Japan - My Nintendo Store offering new Joy-Con color customization

My Nintendo Japan opened up orders for a Switch unit without a dock, but that's not the only new option they have. You can now grab more Joy-Con color options. Available now are Left Neon Green Joy-Con and Right Neon Pink Joy-Con, Right Neon Green Joy-Con and Left Neon Pink Joy-Con. This means you can now get a full set of either pink or green Joy-Con.

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I want a set of pink joy-cons so bad.

I want them to have this in the US please. Made the mistake of getting gray instead of blue/red and I want to complete the set.

It's weird to me that this wasn't possible from the beginning.

Eagerly awaiting retro-themed Joycons, Nintendo!

I really hope Nintendo makes a new Joy-Con (L) with a real D-pad. Which you can use instead of the original Joy-Con (L) in handheld / tabletop mode.

Wait a minute... so the U.S. Splatoon pairing is L Pink R Green, where the rest of the world is R Pink L Green? I need to get me a U.S. pair :O

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