Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version now available on Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop, includes English option

The Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version is now available in Japan. It takes up 42MB of space. It also includes an English option, even though the eShop listing didn't show that.

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The experiment begins.

And, hopefully, ends.

Yeah, I'm real interested in seeing how this game runs. My expectations are low, but we will see.

The game at this point is more expensive than a typical one. Who the hell can afford high speed internet just to play this online?

Also why is a single player game locked online?

Japanese gamers.

Because it won’t run on the Switch as is without degrading the experience.

Thu May 24 18 01:11am
Rating: 2

I would rather they downgrade the experience than have this streaming crap.

This could run flawlessly and I'd still find it an offensive concept.

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