Japanese Game Boy game Noobow gets fan translation

Never heard of Noobow, the Japanese chocolate mascot? Seems like hardly anyone has, even over in Japan. Still, that didn't stop Noobow from getting a Game Boy game back in the day, and now that game has received a fan translation! It's a quick puzzle platformer if you're interested in those, and there's almost no chance anyone ever involved with the game would be upset if you grabbed the fan translation. Most likely everyone involved with the game has long forgotten it!

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This game is charming as heck, and I highly recommend it. You can beat it in an afternoon, and it will leave you grinning from ear to ear. It's just that cute... and the puzzles are good, too!

The translation is also totally unnecessary, because the gameplay itself is pretty much dialogue-less and simple, but it's nice to read the story bits.

So how did you play the game? You got it imporyed or you used an emulator?

Either way, it's good that games are translated. I am interested in trying out marvelous as soon as the translation came.

Emulation, out of necessity. I wouldn't mind hunting down a real copy, though. I'd love to have one to show off to people and say, "Believe it or not, this game is actually awesome."

Oh I understand. Getting imports is simply bizzare. And to do the translation itself is a tedious process.

I want to get the Japanese version of Metroid fusion and
Guess how much it costed? Around 200$!!!

Yeah. I've imported some Japanese plush toys, and while the prices for the toys themselves are very reasonable (10-25 dollars, usually), the shipping is anywhere from 15 to 30 bucks!

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