Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee - Pokemon Company clarifies the online situation

The Pokemon Company has clarified on the online aspect of the Let's Go games. According to them, you will be able to battle or trade with others over Nintendo Switch Online. That being said, it won't include big features like Battle Spot or Wonder Trade. This one is sticking to the basics!

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Fri Jun 01 18 10:53am
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Pokemon GO! was a mistake.

Fri Jun 01 18 10:53am
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Pokemon GO! was a mistake.

Fri Jun 01 18 11:04am
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I definitely was a mistake... I mean, it only made Nintendo 180M in profit in 2016 [950M in revenue] and last year it dip horribly into the 850M in revenue!

Surely they must all be commiting sudoku as we speak to wash their honors with blood, no doubt...

Lootboxes make lots of money too, doesn't mean they weren't a mistake.

Just because something is making them money doesn't mean its healthy for brand or the fanbase.

Good thing there are several different types of Pokémon games. Something for everyone, which leads to a bigger playerbase and more fans. Just because you don’t like Go or it doesn’t interest you doesn’t mean it’s a mistake.

Sat Jun 02 18 02:42pm
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Stop putting words in my mouth.
I've never said anything about not liking the game.

How does saying "Pokemon GO! was a mistake." tranlsate to "I don't like the game"

Sat Jun 02 18 03:37pm
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The conclusion is an easy one to draw, and not a stretch at all. Why say it’s a waste if you actually like it? 🤔 I also said OR it doesn’t interest you, which is fine, no need to be on the attack.

You shouldn't make assumptions off of nothing.
In fact it not that serious. Chill.

Take your own advice. Have a nice day. Smile

This would be the part where you'd then explain what you did mean

Fri Jun 01 18 11:02am
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Lol doesn't have some of the features we had since Diamond and Pearl on the DS 11-12 years ago!

Seems you wont even be able to battle/trade with randoms something we have been able to do since Gen 5 I believe.

Fri Jun 01 18 11:07am
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I generally try not to defend companies, since I'm not on their payrolls, but this is getting silly...
This game is supposed to be a spin-off to ease this new generation of players into the franchise. It's a great move by Gamefreak to get 'em hooked and then release a full fledged game in 2019 [with an extra year to polish the game no less!]

Not sure what that has anything to do with optional online features that were remove(which is what this news is about)? Removing the ability to trade and battle with random people online is a "great move to get people hooked"?

Those people will probably be doing their battling and trading locally, so why even add online features at all if this game is 100% for them? For the people that actually do care of battling and trading online, the online feels very limited compared to the offerings from past installments.

What I mean is that a simpler game might be easier on the newer gamer. What with more than 800 pokémons, plus IVs and EVs and breeding and whatnot, that must be kind of intimidating for anyone that is just starting now or have only played the first ones... A more streamlined game should go down easier
And I don't know, we can even hope that this new spinoff might let them experiment even more on the mainline series [More challenging mainline? More meaningful story/quests?]

Well I do get your argument in the context of why this game exists, why its limiting Pokemon and changing some mechanics for the casual players, but I don't really understand it in the context of online play. Even if the people aren't going to breed and whatnot, its still odd that they don't allow you to use services like the GTS to get the Pokemon you want, wonder trade to get a random Pokemon, or play with people that aren't in your friends list. Most of the people who are playing from GO will most likely just battle and trade with their local pokemon go communities so its not really an issue for them. But that leaves the question as to why support online at all? The casual people who will have some interest to battle /trade online won't be able to play with random people and they wont be able to experience stuff like the GTS or wondertrade. I can understand the reason why they removed ranked battles(because its a spin-off of sorts and VGC 2019 seems it will use Ultra Sun and Moon), but the GTS, Wondertrade and battling/trading with randoms don't really have to do with the competitive scene. Just seems very limited for those subset of casual people who might have an interest with online.

Well... If I'm being completely honest I don't really know what is battle spot. I just figured it was some kind of ranking battle system, and like you said, it kind of makes sense to limit it. If it is just battling with randoms, I'll give you that, makes no sense to leave out.
As for trading online, they said those are still a feature along with battling, we just don't know at what capacity... Trading is probably gonna work like the first ones, where you can only ask for pokemons you have already seen. This restrictions might be put in place so everybody has more or less the same experience

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