Dataminer discovers Fortnite icon on Switch eShop

As if the cat wasn't out of the bag already, the evidence of Fortnite hitting Switch just keeps growing and growing. Now a dataminer has discovered an icon for the game on the Switch eShop. Looks like we might actually see Fortnite revealed for Switch next week, and then made available right away!

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Crybaby much? Oh well :/

The Battle Royale of E3, reveal another game before hand

Which will survive to E3?

So it’s safe to assume we’ll be playing this within a Fortnight? 😬

Seriously f*ck these guys. Keep your spoilers to yourselves.

Crybaby much? Oh well :/

Yeah fuck Nintendo and their official announcements

We should get all the new Nintendo information from the hackers

That was not exactly official buddy.

Not their fault Nintendo left the file on the eShop before E3 and left this to happen :p

Yeah. I suppose that's true.
Remember surprises at E3 though ?
What a nice concept.

Yup everything’s spoiled now. No point playing the game or any game ever again ever. I was really looking forward to the official announcement. Not the game, just the announcement. Man I love announcements.

Like I said, remember surprises at e3 ?
Not only do they feel good for ourselves individually but they're also hugely important from a business standpoint.

Tue Jun 05 18 06:02pm
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Hackers sniffing through Switch eShop servers?

Does that mean we'll get a Switch version of Wii U USB Downloader???

Not for a long while (or if at all). While the Switch's hardware and OS security isn't that great they actually stepped up their game regarding the eShop when it comes to the actual games. There was a Reddit post a while back about what was found and how much Nintendo improved regarding the online purchases part of the Switch compared to the WiiU and 3DS.


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