What did you think of Nintendo Direct: E3 2018?

Thought I'd open this up to you guys/gals for some discussion. Hit up the poll and vote to let us know what you thought. You can take things a step further and reply to the tweet, or get some discussion going in this post!

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It was all really solid until it ended out of nowhere...felt like Smash was the middle game with an announcement or two to follow. Liked what I saw, just had high hopes to see Prime 4 (not unreasonable considering it was teased last year), Animal Crossing and whatever Retro is doing.

All that said though, the Hollow Knight drop was great and took some of the sting out of not getting more.

Tue Jun 12 18 07:36pm
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As someone who doesn't care about Smash, it was meh. I was really hoping for some Odyssey DLC

This plus basically just MP4, Bayo3 and more details on online (maybe Netflix and new themes for the switch and ability to create folders and whatnot?) and I would have been super happy.

As it was though, it was a bit underwhelming. The thing is, it wasn't TERRIBLY underwhelming simply because what they've shown of Smash is PHENOMENAL. So overall okay.

Also nobody mentionned it but Fire Emblem looks really great.

You know, I had forgotten about Nintendo's online situation entirely. What you said made me realize that we're probably guaranteed at least one Nintendo Direct before the online service launches (unless Nintendo wants it to be dead on arrival).

Maybe Nintendo will make its online service sound more enticing and announce some new games that will utilize it at such a direct.

It was a terrible Direct. No.... take your pick of game was shown, no Metroid Prime 4, no Pikmin 4, no Yoshi, no Shin Megami Tensei V, no Bayonetta 3.

Next to no 3rd party games. Nintendo only announced 1 new game, Mario Party, that series is a joke at this point. They spent half of their Direct, their E3 Direct no less, on Smash Bros. If you don't like Smash you're out of luck.

I don't know how anybody voted that they liked it. Nintendo's 2 big games this year are Pokemon and Smash Bros. Both ports in a way. And I thought the ports would come from Wii U.

Tue Jun 12 18 08:16pm
Rating: 3

I came for my daily dose of negativity and you never disappoint me. Smile

Tue Jun 12 18 11:19pm
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Let's go is not a port but i'd argue it's worse as I enjoy GO daily but Let's Go brings back the horrid memories I had of wanting to die after finishing ORAS and seeing how the casual focus outright ruined the game by making it absolutely dull and boring, and it seeming as if it will hand hold you tighter than ever has me scared for next year's game being the same way, or cutting the national dex/doing something as dumb. Then again they pandered to the fake fans known as Genwunners for this game by blocking the rest past 151 for no reaon which they've been doing in main games since XY so who knows. Pokemon as we know it is likely to be dead for the longtime fans. If Sun/Moon, a game I found fantastic save for the lack of the national dex and bad level up spots could have a major fault even when everything else was solid, there's no doubt next year's game will have some glaring fault as a result of their pandering to casuals...

I'm not usually disappointed, or indifferent to Nintendo's E3 presentations, but I just didn't have anything to sink my teeth into this time.

Ah, you can't please everyone, everytime.

Tue Jun 12 18 10:58pm
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I liked the direct for what it was. I agree with a few points made that it was a smash direct and spent too much time there. It lacked the Ninty magic and should have had developer interviews for the other games and better pacing.

I also find the complaints highly amusing if only because for months now several members complained about all the ports and lack of new games and now all of a sudden it's a problem. Oddly enough a lot of the comments are still asking for ports. One thing is clear, Switch currently is not in a good place this E3 when it's library mainly consists of ports and late ports of current games. A lot of third-party devs are overlooking the system. If Ninty is in the same situation next year then it will be time to sound the alarms but until then game on.

It was a bit disappointing especially because of the leaks. But At least the switch gets a steady stream of quality content. The Wii U never had that.

And this is the reason why I avoid leaks and rumors like the plague

I would love to avoid spoilers to but its nearly impossible.

Wed Jun 13 18 03:48pm
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It's doable with the right filters on GoNintendo. You can filter our the "rumor" tag. Sadly, RMC doesn't use a "leak" tag, though I've asked him time and time again, but at least he uses particular wording for most leaks, and I just filter on those words

It's a fine direct. Meanwhile..fire emblem fans are negative.

Wed Jun 13 18 03:08am
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They showed nothing. No third party except DXM, no news about many games I'm dying to hear about, we didn't even get any more Wii U ports.

Even Smash Bros was a let down for me as it effectively kills a decade's worth of hope and push for a character in Smash now that she is relegated to an assist trophy.

For me, this year was a bitter, crushing disappointment.

Yeah. It was brutal. How can such a successful system have so few announcements? This seems like an E3 presentation for an unpopular system. You would think a very popular system like Switch would have tons of game announcements.

I'm usually very excited for any Nintendo direct and this was the first one which bored me.
I like smash but I only play it very casually. That's thy I just did not care about all this details they throw at us. I understand that this changes are important for smash fans and pro player. But they could had presented this information during the tree house event and used the time for Indis instead. Hack, it even would have been better if they just shorten the direct by 10 mins.

The first half was good. Sure I would have loved to see more details on already announced games or a big announcement, but I guess we all had to high expectations after last year was so great.

You guys realize they said during the presentation that this was only 1/4 of all the actual games in development for switch. They most likely only wanted to focus on smash like 2015 when they focused only on Zelda or was that 2016?

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