Smash Bros. Ultimate - stage hazards can be turned off

Here's a tiny tidbit on Smash Bros. Ultimate that's sure to make plenty of fans happy. There's a ton of quality-of-life features going on in the game, and one element Nintendo hasn't publicly mentioned is a new option that lets you toggle stage hazards on and off. If you want to have a pure battle in a particular stage without any hazards getting in the way, this is the perfect option!

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It says Hell Hawk on Blood Falcon's costume! If I'm not mistaken that has been censored out in previous games.

Wed Jun 13 18 02:22pm
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That's awesome. I enjoy the stage layouts of ones like Magicant but the Flying Man ruins it. Nice to know I'm not stuck with Battlefield/Omega variants. I'm sure the competitive community will like this too

*Puts on Shadow the Hedgehog voice* THIS IS THE ULTIMATE!!!!

It really is the best smash.

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