Nintendo says "conversations are on-going" concerning other streaming services on Switch

The other day, Best Buy updated their listing for the Switch, adding in mentions of both YouTube and Netflix apps coming to the system. Later that same day, Best Buy said the update was a mistake on their behalf. Does that mean hopes for Netflix and YouTube on Switch are dead? That's not the case, according to Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime...

“When we launched the Switch, we were very clear we wanted to position the device as a game-playing device. We’ve done that, and so you’ve seen Hulu for example come on to the platform. In terms of other services, the conversations are on-going. We’ve got nothing to announce right now. But certainly those opportunities will come in due time.”

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Nearly a year and a half into the life of a system and still no sign of them. There's no excuse in this day and age.

These "conversations" should've been started and over many, many, many months ago. No excuse for the lack of these standard apps.

Thu Jun 14 18 09:26am
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I don't see why people want these apps on switch. Is it so hard to just use your phone instead of the console which is used to play games?

My Switch has a bigger screen and is more comfortable to hold. I also like to watch anime before I go to bed after I play a game.

Because there's no excuse for industry standard apps to be missing a year and a half after launch. Not to mention watching youtube videos and Crunchyroll on the handheld mode would be pretty damn handy.

Those apps are not a must for me as I can use my PC or other consoles, but seriously! The Wii U had them. I do, on the other hand, understand Nintendo wanting people to look at the Switch as a gaming console first of all since that's what they do (MS is a lot deeper in the multi stuff), but I hope we'll see something soon. I have a hunch it will come with the paid online though. And if Nintendo really wants to hit the ball out of the park, they could give those who pay for the online a free month or two. Now THAT would get a lot of people on board.

Thu Jun 14 18 11:10am
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Yeah, I’d like to see these services come as well. I have a strong inkling that they will launch in Sept during a September Direct showcasing the online rollout, and maybe a surprise or two (streaming services, etc). I mean, Best Buy even leaked the info by accident. It’s coming.

Trust us Reggie we know you've been having on-going conversations with them because we've been waiting a year and a half for such basic apps as well as an online service AS WELL as standard UI enhancements... The Switch 2 will be out and Nintendo will be like "We finally added youtube guys the wait is over!"

Everyone will start watching Netflix on their switches instead of playing games and supporting developers.


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