Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on Switch will not make any compromises, says dev team

The following is a snippet of a NintendoEnthusiast interview with Panic Button Games' Adam Creighton...

Nintendo Enthusiast: “There won’t be any compromises in frame rate or anything like that?”

Creighton: “No, we really made sure the gameplay wasn’t impacted by whatever framerate we needed to stick to on the hardware. That can be a challenge. When people have expectations about framerate they have expectations about gameplay. When we move a game to new hardware, we look at everything. Not just how it looks and performs on the hardware, but all the gameplay stuff: how the physics simulations work, how the audio works, and all that good stuff. So, there’s a lot of rebalancing and reprioritizing we do for all of the content.”

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Thu Jun 14 18 07:59am
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Awesome, Go Panic Button!

Yeeeeah, I can already list one very big compromise this version made...

That’s a dangerous headline...

What is this, Lying Season? They're joking right? So the game looks and performs as well as on other systems? No, it doesn't.

And then there's this.

Another physical game that needs a significant digital download.

That's not really what they said either.

Thu Jun 14 18 11:13am
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Sligeach strikes again...skewing information that was clearly presented in another light. Why not at least take the Devs @ their word until you have hands-on? I mean, they are clearly delaying this until it’s ready....and DOOM was an excellent example of porting well-done. It too did not make much for compromises, and aside from some graphical fidelity was 1-1 with other systems.

The devs were clearly talking in regards to frame rate and gameplay.

They could ship a game that looks like an N64 game and their statement would still be true - it doesn’t really mean anything.

Either Panic Button is Amazing or the Switch is very easy to port too. Either way I'm excited to pick up Wolfenstein 2.

I vote for both. The porting is easy, but they still need to optimize, and that can be hard.

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