Hackers create program that lets them replace content in Switch games

The latest bit of software from Switch hackers is LayeredFS, a program that lets people add in/replace chunks of data in games. In other words, you can add in cheats, new character models, text, and some other things as well. In the clip above, you can see someone has thrown in a whole bunch of cheat spells into Skyrim.

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BuT iTs jUSt tO pLaY HOmEBrEw gAmEs

BuT iTs jUSt tO pLaY HOmEBrEw gAmEs

So Switch users can now mod Skyrim like PC users could for ages?
We need to put these hackers in prison, stat; before things get out of control!

Mon Jun 18 18 03:16am
(Updated 1 time)

Rip pokemon day 1 earlygame for switch!

But when “hackers” make Zelda playable in BOTW they’re applauded....

Mods like that are fun obviously. Hacking is a power that can be used for good or bad. An example of an awful use would be to cheat in online games.

And I doubt Nintendo applauds them for anything.

These "mods" were on the WiiU, so not likely to affect online play for users on the current platform... This WILL make online cheater much more common on Switch.

Mon Jun 18 18 12:00pm
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How these things inevitably end up going...for every console.

Wait until you hear that loading “backups” (aka ROMs) of Switch games is a thing now.


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