Dragon Quest XI will feature Switch-exclusive content, development progressing steadily

While we aren't quite sure when Dragon Quest XI is giong to release on Switch, those who have some patience will be rewarded for it. Square-Enix has confirmed that the Switch version of the game will include some exclusive content, but details on that content was not shared. Dragon Quest XI on Switch is progressing steadily, and will hopefully see release sometime in 2019.


Do you think they can add co-op through the campaign?

More probably, or at least hopefully, the 3DS exclusive content at this point, especially since they are saying Switch exclusive compared to PS4, not 3DS.

Mon Jun 25 18 02:59pm
Rating: 2

Hopefully the 3DS dungeons that the PS4 version didn't had.

Finally something positive about this game !
Can't wait for it !

Thank you for your patience, he's your reward, the amazing switch exclusive content! Motion controls!!! That's all you get! Amazing right?!?

I would laugh so hard if this was it's exclusive content. haha

Hopefully it's not that and actually something interesting. I'd imagine they are doing this to can people to double dip.

Switch exclusive content = lower-res assets

This game looks interesting. I might want to try it out when it comes.

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