Nintendo not planning anymore single-player, premium releases for Splatoon 2

Nintendo released the rather beefy Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 just a couple weeks back, and fans are still making their way through the super-challenging content. Can we expect another release like that for Splatoon 2? According to Producer Hisashi Nogami, the team has no current plans for more single-player, premium releases.

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Pay for a Battle Royals mode?

So why did they keep saying "the first" in reference to it so many times? For it to be the first, there has to be a second. That was just confusing language.

Mon Jun 25 18 02:48pm
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They must have meant, "for the first time in the Splatoon series"

Yeah, again, very confusingly worded.

Okay. Salmon Run multiplayer DLC please.

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