Super Mario Run surpasses $60 million worldwide, says Sensor Tower

The following details come from a Sensor Tower study...

- Super Mario Run revenue from worldwide player spending has surpassed $60 million on the App Store and Google Play
- this is counting since the game's launch in Sept. 2016
- 77 percent of the game’s revenue to date has come from the App Store
- in the first quarter of this year, the revenue split shifted towards Google’s platform slightly, increasing to 35 percent
- 43 percent of revenue is from players in the United States, while revenue from Japan accounts for about 17 percent of the total

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I bought it on Android and I love it. It's the perfect time killer while waiting in lines or waiting for things to download.

That seems pretty low. Well the budget was probably low too but they probably thought a Mario mobile game would print money. Unfortunately that market doesn't want to pay for games outright and would rather play games that only cost money if you want to speed the game up so you can do something better with your time.

That does not sound like much.

A good part of it: maybe more and more people, companys and investors are starting to think that mobile games are not that big.

Bad part: Maybe companies and investors start to believe that only games like Fire Emblem Heroes bring in a lot of money.

I have not bought the game yet because I'm not a fan of Games as a Service, where games are always updated with new content.

Not terrible... certainly earned much more than it cost to develop. Unfortunately, you have to go freemium if you want to make the big money on mobile. I was hoping Nintendo franchises could convince people to pay for a complete experience upfront, but if Mario can't do it I guess nothing can.

I got a switch and it's no thanks to SMR!!!!!

I would've paid for the thing if I could've bought it outright. Instead, Nintendo decided to release a slip of a game at a high price then tie it to an online server. Anyone who was paying attention did not want to RENT the game, Nintendo.

The only reason the single player mode would need an internet connection is because Nintendo hates us.


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